Worldwide Consoles Hardware Unit Sales from January to September 2010

Thanks to the recent release of Sony 2nd quarterly fiscal report, it now has been confirmed the official worldwide sales of hardware between Nintendo Wii, Microsoft Xbox 360 and Sony Playstation 3, and you are in for a treat.

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Shadow Flare3127d ago (Edited 3127d ago )

Wow, wasnt quite expecting that. At this point in the year:

Wii - 8.45m
PS3 - 8.1m
360 - 5.8m
PS2 - 4.8m

All from official data. So ps3 is right on wii's back and it's also slapping the 360 up and the ps2 is right on 360's back.

Shows why you need the world, not just america

Hanif-8763127d ago (Edited 3127d ago )

I'm sure the PS3 is gonna reach 50 million units sold before the Xbox360 does. However, i'm glad the Xbox360 did a wonderful job this generation... competition is always better for us consumers :-)

chazjamie3127d ago

not always. one console use to be enough, now you need atleast 2.

Shadow Flare3127d ago

I agree, I'm thankful for 360 being on the market because I don't think our psn would be half as good otherwise. It sort of pushed Sony to make the psn better and better

lociefer3127d ago (Edited 3127d ago )

Buh buh buh Teh Salez !

Cold 20003127d ago

Wow a lot of people who "dont care about sales" up in here!

raztad3127d ago


Cold is my fav x-fanboy. Funny stuff there.

Looking at the ever growing discrepancy between official data and certain popular guesstimator site. I think it is safe to say lets wait for official figures and dont waste time with guesses.

Other than that happy to see PS3 doing good.

Apr-Jun (PS3 shortages): 2.4
Jul-Sept(Chain restocked): 3.5m
Total 5.9m

Considering holidays is the busiest season looks likely Sony reaches its 15m goal by March next year. GT5 plays a big part on this.

kneon3127d ago

What I didn't expect was the PS2 numbers, it just keeps on chugging along not that far behind the Xbox. I didn't expect it would still be selling that well after all the price drops from the other consoles over the past year.

jut4203127d ago

I think it's funny people say these guys are reliable

Real numbers:
Wii - 8.45m
PS3 - 8.1m
360 - 5.8m

VG Chartz numbers:
Wii - 9.2m
PS3 - 7.4
360 - 7.0

Hmmm seems like it's exactly what PS3 guys have been saying since the beginning. Over estimating 360 sales and under estimating PS3.

MariaHelFutura3127d ago

I could care less about sales. But YES, VGcharts DEFINITELY slants numbers towards the 360 side of things.

raztad3127d ago

There is another thing that really buggers me from VGCHARTZ data.

They claim the difference between their numbers and Sony data is because they report sold vs Sony's shipped. I find hard to believe there is 2+m PS3 on shelves but that is not my point.

What is the number of XBOX360 shipped? because the only figure I find everywhere (from MS reports) is something around 44m. At the same time VGCHARTZ has the XBOX at 44m SOLD. However that would mean an almost 100% throughput. I totally cant believe that. Am I missing something? or misreading?

jut4203127d ago

@ Maria I could care less about either, just sick of lines like this, "well VGChartz is accurate, if not 100% they may be off by a bit, but they're pretty much spot on"

@ Raztad just another reason why VGChartz numbers shouldn't be taken too seriously

PopEmUp3127d ago (Edited 3127d ago )

obviously you're one of those "people who don't care about sales" and is also here too, what a hypocrite

ABizzel13127d ago

I want to know what happened?

A month ago MS had over a 5 million console lead over the PS3, and now in 1 month the PS3 dropped that down to a 4 million lead. I know Move did well, but did it move that many consoles.

This is a neck and neck race, and I'm starting to think the tides will soon change, as many of those 360 owners begin to pick up a PS3 with the huge wave of titles coming out from November - next holiday season.

I think the 360 has been maxed out, and MS is getting ready to release their next console next year or 2012. MS did what they wanted to do:

1. Hold off the PS3 (however, let the Wii dominate trying to do that)

2. Out do what the original Xbox did and by next year they'll have doubled that.

3. Ctrl C, Ctrl V Sony, and they've done a mediocre job of that.

So now it's time to move on. If we don't see the new Xbox this E3, you can bet we'll see it 2012. MS doesn't want to lose to Sony which looks like it's going to happen, so their about to drop their new console.

SoapShoes3127d ago

@Raztad - Having 2 million sitting on shelves is not the biggest unbelievable thing to look at though... Somehow Nintendo has done the impossible and found out how to sell more than they shipped!! ROFL

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Cloudberry3127d ago

The PS2 is Highlander- I MEAN, immortal......... O_o

ZombieAssassin3127d ago

Well...THERE CAN ONLY BE ONE!!! Ha i just watched that sh1t last night.

Anyways it's good to see that the ps2 is still selling well and all the rest have some pretty good numbers, numbers I imagine will sky rocket as X-mas gets closer.

Simco8763127d ago

Its going to be really crazy when those people upgrade to the PS3. So many PS2s out there....

PS2 outsell Xbox360? General MLD will kill himself

PS360fanboy3127d ago

The Xbox 360 suffered a lot for being priced at the same price as the PS3 and offering so much less...the Slim changed that and gained them some tempo but will it be enough?

Imperator3127d ago

The 360 Slim's and Halo's effect are gone. If Kinect doesn't move consoles, it's over for MS and we can expect either a new console or MS completely leaves the gaming arena.

Milky3127d ago

The xbox 360 got outsold by the PS2 for half the year. No wonder Microsoft released the slim version...

rlm423127d ago Show
tinybigman3127d ago

This will not go over well with some people on this site who live for sales haha.

Good job by all 3 companies. It wasn't like any of them were going anywhere.

Adva3127d ago

What sane person has been saying all along.
VGchart= over estimate or prety close xbox numbers
= under estimate ps3 numbers

N4WAH3127d ago (Edited 3127d ago )

If you only lived on planet N4G and believe the rumors, speculation and flat out bullshit posted here by a certain chart tracking site that shall remain nameless, you would think Sony was having their head handed to them.

Oh but I'm sure those that believe in fairy tales will avoid this article like a deadly plague. Ladies and gentlemen we are now returning you to your regular broadcast program in your area.

silvacrest3127d ago

you shouldn't look at NPD and assume its the same for the rest of the world

Imperator3127d ago

Impressive PS3 numbers, but what's even more impressive is the PS2. Wow, only 1 million behind the 360. If the Ps3 sells this well for another 6 years (like the PS2 has), I'm sure Sony will have a third 100 million seller on their hands.

stonecold33127d ago

comment i saw fake charts they put ps3 sales up to 40. 2 million still a a million and a half behind still not accurate at all

number473127d ago (Edited 3127d ago )

you guys all got owned.

bviperz3127d ago

Wasn't quite expecting that either since most cats were saying the 360 is kicking PS3's arse since the 360S came out. Wonder what happened?

Oh, that's right, only in America. Thanks VGChartz...

Snakefist303126d ago (Edited 3126d ago )

PS2 4.8m!! It Will Be 5 Million soon.WOW!!

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Titanz3127d ago

And the Wii will be back selling like hotcakes.

qface643127d ago

wii price drop wont happen until e3 2011

EYEamNUMBER13127d ago (Edited 3127d ago )

i was actually thinking about it and
2011 they drop the price to 150
2012 they show their new console but wont release until 2013
2013 they drop the price to 100

TroyAndAbed3127d ago

For a while, maybe.

I honestly think Move and Kinect have changed the game entirely. Nintendo is sitting pretty for another year or so. The 3DS will print money as well. Lol. The Wii 2 is...going to be different. Very different. Hopefully.

A price drop on the Golden Eye release date, a good advertising campaign, and a golden gun Wiimote attachment...would OWN!

jaosobno3127d ago

Hardly, it's already cheap enough. Wii simply lost its momentum, even nintendo worries about that.

And what if PS3/X360 dropped prices?

Wii didn't archieve its success because of innovative controller or by being high quality console. It was successful because it was the cheapest of next gen consoles (although, I don't think we can consider sub HD console truly next gen).

Shovelware is killing wii, exactly how many Cooking Mama - style games do we need?

Muletroid3127d ago

the 360 (arcade) was cheaper than the wii and it didn't sell more than the wii

jaosobno3127d ago

Muletroid, you and I both know very well that having a console like 360 without HDD is pointless. When I had 360, I installed all my games and downloaded bunch of content. How would I do that with a 512 MB memory stick?

N4g_null3126d ago

They need games to release not a price drop.
Dragon quest
Conduit2 is looking good
Of course Zelda

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sajj3163127d ago

Anyone know the all in cost of producing the 120 GB
PS3 slim? How profitable is it for Sony now?

Paracelsus3127d ago

PS3 became barely profitable a few months ago.

DJMarty3127d ago

Probably 30-50 dollars a unit.

Thats why Sony hopes buyers buy 2-3 games and other accessories, when buying. They make more profit off games and accessories.

AuToFiRE3127d ago

wow, good job sony, keep rolling out those high quality exclusives and my stocks will skyrocket

IrishYamato3127d ago

Yeah, my socks will go crazy too.

CBaoth3127d ago (Edited 3127d ago )

to your grandmother's smocks?

PopEmUp3127d ago

something in my pan will skyrocket too :P

N4g_null3126d ago

Wow so is that where all the ps3 fanboyism stems from? Really stock holders really. That is a bad gamble my friend gaming is on a decline unless the industry can setup a film school for gaming. Your best bet is to take your money out and invest when the gen resets.