Greenberg: PlayStation Move is a 'great product'

Microsoft product director Aaron Greenberg has branded Sony's PlayStation Move a "great product" in the lead-up to Kinect's launch next month.

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THE MAX SPEED 213129d ago

people will find a way to flip this into a fanboy war.

sits down and watch the comments pile up.

nix3129d ago

i hope he didn't use it as a dildo. q:

Bobbykotickrulesz3129d ago

Hey, Greenberg is a really fantastic guy.

bviperz3129d ago (Edited 3129d ago )

Don't know about flaming or trolling, but I think it's cool when companies compliment each other.

Sarcasm3129d ago

Hmmmm... I'd still punch him in the face.

nickjkl3129d ago

boing you were supposed to say "second" with a reaction im age from futurama

Redrum0593128d ago

no, im not going to burn.

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Garrus_Vakarian3129d ago

Everyone below it is not safe from the flames.

_____________________________ _______________________________ _________________

Redrum0593128d ago

damnit, im going to burn

tinybigman3129d ago

can we trust this guys words hahaha?

Sheikh Yerbouti3128d ago

Of course we can. Move is a great product...! I'm sure Kinect will be too.

Kudos for Greenberg for admitting it.

RIP_Weazel3128d ago

Regardless, if he said with any degree of sincerity, then it's a welcome break from the bullsh*t co*k measuring that usually goes on. Fingers crossed that this graciousness continues on all sides!

r1sh123129d ago (Edited 3129d ago )

the points he made were pretty good.
We have yet to see games created for the move, they are coming out but sony have more to come.
Games like killzone 3 will have move support but how many players will want to play killzone3 with move?
Personally I wouldnt, you will get the occasional few that will give it a go, and an even smaller number who actually use move to play it, but the majority will play with a controller.
I want to see some more titles for move only before I consider buying it.
same goes for kinect, I will wait to try it out and see if there are any games that I actually want, rather than buying something blindly.

Sheikh Yerbouti3128d ago

We had launch titles for the Move made for the Move - Don't agree with that assessment.

Greenberg spins Kinect's limitations into benefits. The types of experiences with Kinect are limited, so they have to look for new games experiences, but they are not doing that admirably better a job than Sony though. There are 5 fitness games, 2 Dance games and 3 Sports titles for the Kinect at launch.

phatak3128d ago

I never thought ill live to c this day

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TheLastGuardian3129d ago

*reads headline* Wow, Greenburg said that? I don't believe it.

Nihilism3129d ago

He's got nothing on Bobby K for 'most evil $#!+ eating grin known to man' though.

edgeofblade3128d ago

Then you haven't seen Larry Hyrb's grin.

Wait... not shit-eating... just down's syndrome-ish.

foker3129d ago

well Sony's shit actually works,.. and works really well,..

Nihilism3129d ago

You's trollin' Greenburg.

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The story is too old to be commented.