Retailer Lists New Gran Turismo 5 Date

Andriasang: For those hoping to get Gran Turismo 5 as a Christmas or New Years present, online retailer has some potentially good news today. The retailer's listing for the game now shows a December 23 release date.

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steve30x3126d ago

Why did this get approved? The last GT5 release date article was for December 3rd. What date will we get next?

sporteous1212123126d ago

If it is still coming out this year I don't think it will be released that close to Christmas if Sony is trying to take advantage of the holiday sales. I think the game will be a big hit no matter what but I think it would be smart if they gave the game a bit of a build up until Christmas.

Spider0503125d ago

Just release game..
God damn it... You can update game with patch...
Release it before 15 december or no buy becuase next year i want to buy Mass Effect 2, Portal 2, Dead Space, and other AAA exclusive

seinfan3125d ago

New Release Date: Smarch 31st

otherZinc3125d ago

"My manager" has a release date of February 2011.

DigitalAnalog3125d ago (Edited 3125d ago )

Everything before then would be PLACEHOLDER'S dates. Here's an update: Amazon is now listing GT5 as Dec 31, 2010. Oh my, just the Eve before the NY!

See how pointless that was?

-End statement

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xg-ei8ht3125d ago

I think it's coming black friday.

Baka-akaB3125d ago

at some point everyone would have guessed each day of december and one lucky guy will get it and pretend he knew about it all along .

It's worthless we wont know the date till the first week of november at least .

T9X693125d ago

And to think people could have been playing this in 3 days......

King-Leonidas3125d ago

What's your point? Are you experiencing pain in the ass every morning when you wake up? Here in Sparta we call that jealousy.

dirtydbz3125d ago

thanks for reminding me douch

Dark-Cloud3125d ago

this is stupid , just wait for the official release date , i hate this ...

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The story is too old to be commented.