Logitech G25 Wheel Review (PS3) - The Ultimate Gran Turismo 5 Experience

TQcast writes: I recently became a proud owner of a G25 wheel for PS3 and PC, I was blown away with the simple setup and ultimate experience that I had to put together a review of the wheel, so let’s kick this off.

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PHOEBUS3130d ago

definitely getting this for GT5! can't wait, if only it would actually release :(

farhad2k83130d ago

Ive already got this, but if you play GT5 without this wheel, you really are missing out.

Killa_Cobra_ST3130d ago

Gonna get the G27, deffo need a wheel for GT5

dorron3129d ago

I got a G25 just to play GT5 and I can swear it is worth every cent. Best piece of peripheral out there by miles!