The Inception Trailer Remade In Halo Reach – Scene for Scene

Ever since it’s release there have been many parody trailers for Inception, but this one has got to be one of the best I’ve seen so far.

The video is directed by James Potts and posted under the YouTube channel McCallahanIndustries, and he has painstakingly recreated the Inception trailer scene for scene using Halo Reach.

It’s awesome and to make it even better, we also have a comparison video for you to watch them side by side.

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aviator1893126d ago

That was awesome. Inception is a terrific movie!

Ognipode3126d ago

... must have taken friggin' ages to do! Well done to the director!

Convas3126d ago

20 of 10. Absolutely stunning! Mad, mad, MAD props to the Creator!

Ivan Drago IV3126d ago ShowReplies(5)
Skadoosh3125d ago

It's just amazing the type of gamers the Halo franchise caters too. So much talent and creativity in the Halo community. So many creative trailers, montages, and Forge maps.

xAlmostPro3125d ago

Agreed, im also excited now to see what new levels COD montages reach now because of the new theatre mode :D

It may not be a game that you enjoy, but im talking in the same terms.

Halo montages etc are usually so beast because of all the cool camera angles and views you can achieve with its recording feature it really adds to what you can do! I love highly edited things like this

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