Top 12 Games for Christmas 2010 revealed

GamerZines writes:

The games that should be top of your Christmas wish lists, and hiding within your festive Stocking have been drawn together by a panel of the UK's foremost video games experts.

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callahan093127d ago

Agreed. Even if they didn't put it at #1, I think #8 is way too low.

juniordee3127d ago

Even DJ Hero 2 is higher than GT5 on that list. I know it's all opinion but...really?

ShinMaster3127d ago

Since when is DJ Hero or Fable III bigger and more expected than GT5(which should be on the top 3)?
And hasn't Castlevania been out already?

Redlogic3127d ago

are they listed in order of "most wanted" or is it just a randomly listed 12 games in no particular order? Seein black ops makes me think it is listed in order of most wanted so maybe some of those people survey don't have it high on their list because they are skeptical about GT5 even coming out this year?

Redlogic3127d ago

but Assassins Creed: Brotherhood is my most wanted...

thor3127d ago

It would be #1 on my list... but I'm not convinced it's coming out before christmas.

FragGen3127d ago

I've always had trouble getting into racing games... I have a real car. I can drive it fast. Driving a car on a game console feels nothing remotely like driving an actual car.

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dirtydbz3127d ago

gt5 is bound to have less bugs than fallout new vegas and have the same amount of playtime

westy5523127d ago

GT5 at number 8.

Now thats something and fable at 3

Wow oh wow.

big_silky3127d ago

if gt5 is actually released this year i'll eat my hat. i say march/april of next year.

Ilikegames763127d ago

buying some spices for your hat.;)

kaveti66163127d ago

No! He must eat it raw, and unflavored. Uncooked hats are all poisonous. It says so in most cookbooks.

Bathyj3127d ago

You can enjoy it with a slice of humble pie.


The Real Driving Simulator, that's all.

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