5 ways Gran Turismo 5 leads the pack

GameRadar's feature about Gran Turismo 5:

"1) A place exactly like home
Gran Turismo 5's front end has been designed to look and feel remarkably like the PS3's that in turn looks remarkably like the one found on the PSP. These standardized options enable swift navigation as well as the opportunity to watch Gran Turismo TV and follow the progress of other racers across the globe as they take part in events marked on the online calendar. The races will feature up to 16 cars on a single track. This should really rock."

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MK_Red4159d ago

I'm not a big fan of racing sims but I enjoyed Gran Turismo 1 on PSone because of it's immersive realistic feel (For back then) and I'm getting the same feeling with GT5. Hope it plays as good as it looks (Which is photorealistic IMO).

mighty_douche4159d ago (Edited 4159d ago )

as long as you dont mind the difficulty settings, they come in, hard, stupidly hard, holy 5hit this is hard and of course, AAARRRRGGGGHHHH!!!

edit @ sjappie, what you talking about? everything we have seen is in-game, all the video (thats everything) is in-game!!

sjappie4159d ago

I haven't seen a single GAMEPLAY video that looked photorealistic. All we saw that was really in-game was that in-car-view movie and that looked almost the same as PGR3 in-car-view.
All the other trailers looked photorealistic, but those weren't gameplay trailers.

eagle214159d ago

MkRed....You will love GT. I wish you had played some of the later releases like GT3 or GT4. But when you are in that Ferrari 599, and you see my Ferrari F50 speed by as you hit the throttle to keep up in glorious HD, you will be in love bud!

MK_Red4159d ago

I do regret missing GT2, 3 and 4 but I played GT3 a big long ago and it was too hard IMO but with GT5, I'm preparing myself for the challenge. This game ROCKS!
I really loved Polyphony's Tourist Trophy on PS2. They are one of the best developers of our time.

Jamaicangmr4159d ago

I've owned a loved every GT to be released (Well except the prologues) It's my favourate game franchise of all time. Am kind of a car buff and GT games is like an interactive car magazine. Somethings i want back though like for one in GT2 i think when you go to purdhase a car they give you the extensive history on the car. Tellin you from when the model type started etc. That way when talkin about cars to my friends i can talk with confidence. That an the full customization of each car bein able to tune a car from stock to full racing body was great, i want that back.

I alos own Tourist Trophy and i can tell you it is a real sim rider. The feelin it gives when racing on of those motor cycles and havin to take into concideration the weight of the motor cycle and what brake your using when cornerin really give one a feelin of accomplishment when riding. My only complaint was that the motor cycles aren't fully customizable and that your not able to purchase motor cycles.

Polyphony digital is a GREAT developing house and one Sony holds close to their heart.

mighty_douche4159d ago

if your looking for realism then this is definatly the game for you! the guys at Polyphony really treat this as a labour of love and it clearly shows! and all in 1080p at 60fps, thats not gonna go down well with the xbox fan boys! looks amazing

vidoardes4159d ago

I really hope that for the final release they get the Porche and Lambourghini licenses, I would love to see a 911 on the tracks. I don't see why they don't have Lambourghini at least, they are owned by VW and they have already allowed their own name aswell as Audi (also owned by VW)

CG4159d ago (Edited 4159d ago )

Theres no denying GT5 looks awsome(this game and pro evo 2008 is the only reason i own a ps3)...but to say GT5 is the ultimate sim just because it LOOKS realistic just shows that you guys have no clue.

Just because it looks realistiuc doesnt mean it plays realistic.
The physics and AI in GT as always been mediocre compared to other sims...when you talk about GT you talk about how great it looks and how many cars it has. No one ever goes on about the great physics and A.I and customisation in GT because quite frankly those features suck big time compared to other sims i.e forza and GTR series.

So lets just wait and see what the gameplay is actually like before we start claiming that its the greatest sim ever.

Im hoping that GT5 destroys forza 2 in every possible way, because that will make turn 10 go all out with forza 3.

mighty_douche4159d ago (Edited 4159d ago )

you ever played a GT game xbox fan boy? there is no doubt about how the game will play, they have always been the ulmite driving sim, infact i think that used to be the tag ling for GT!

meh people moan saying 'oh wheres the 1080p and 60fps that playstation promised huh, huh??' now we got it and they gotta find something else to moan about!

GT's never had good physic's? what the hell are you talking about? no racing sim has 'good physics', its not like you drive along shooting out the window at some barrels and say, wow, those barrels really feel down in a realistic way!

edit: Installshield.... spot on my friend, totally agree

Kleptic4159d ago (Edited 4159d ago )

when you guys say "the physics" in Gt...what are you talking about?...I always see this in a negative sense in GT game discussions...

I am simply asking...not saying you are wrong...but what exactly is unrealistic about the physics in GT...the lack of damage? very true...the fact that you kind of bounce off walls without slowing down much?...very true...but if you are talking about the car tuning, and overall handling of the cars...then you are dead wrong...

I am a mechanical engineer by trade...and I have yet to see games with more realistic suspension adjustments, gearing, and aerodynamics than any game...take cars to the test track and realistically see what poor damping and spring rates can do to tighter turns...feel the amount of roll with loose springs and soft tires...or how toe-in effects a heavier car...or how sway bar thickness adjusts initial turn in and ability to oversteer on a RWD car with the me this has always been what makes GT one of the greatest sims of all time...and not one game in the franchise has missed that beat (although GTHD holds way way back on what exactly can be adjusted)...

thats all I wanted to know...if someone knows of a driving sim that lets you adjust real world cars (I know of race car sims that have this level of realism) with this much accuracy I am all ears...and don't say Forza matter what adjustments to the cars I made in that game I couldn't get past an arcadey unrealistic ability to take turns at speed with any suspension setup (it always feel floaty to me, like the tires are not on the road)...GT has always been a game where you have to earn the ability to make a car fast on a given reason many regard it as too difficult...

Keowrath4159d ago

Both AI and Physics are things that the develepors are said to have improved in this version from the news I've been reading off this site. I think the game looks incredibly solid at this point add superior AI, better physics and add damage and I think GT5 is shaping up to be a winner!

Quisp4159d ago (Edited 4159d ago )

mediocre AI and physics comared to OTHER sims?
Which ones?

First of all, you need to make comparisons based on using a decent FF wheel, like the DFP.
Ive played Forza & TOCA, and althought I like those games, I still would take GT4 physics over them. As far as AI goes, I find all 3 sims to be somewhat crappy. Call that a tie, for argument sake. I do hope THAT gets better.

That said, GT4 was a disappointment for me, in comparison to previous versions. GT3 was hard. You really had to work your setups, to win quite a few races. A sim SHOULD be like that. GT4 seemed to be marketed to the masses, rather than the driving/race-sim enthusiast. GT4 just wasnt terribly fun or difficult, either. It had its moments, but, it just didnt have much replay value. With GT3 & 3, I did 100% completion 2-3 times. I finished 4, just to finish it, and that was it. They also pissed a lot of people off by pulling online out, at the last moment.
Hopefully PD has listened to its fanbase, and not only given us a visually stunning game with very good physics, but, a fun game to boot, with lasting appeal.

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