Kotaku-Pac-Man Championship Edition DX Still Looks Totally Awesome

Namco's sequel to the brilliant Pac-Man Championship Edition is coming later this year to Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network and my god does it look like the most spectacular thing ever.

vhero4713d ago

looks like every other pacman game I mean seriously how can pacman look any differnt without it being crap?

Lord Gunchrote4713d ago

Championship Edition was of course the same shit, but it had a fresh coat of paint that made the gameplay pretty cool for Pac Man.


The Greatest Game Ever…of the Week: Pac-Man Championship Edition DX

GameCrate: "For as good as the original Pac-Man may be, Pac-Man Championship Edition DX takes the franchise to a new level, cementing its legacy as the greatest game ever…of the week."

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lfc_4eva3167d ago

Yes on everything but remasters.

Devs can stick them up their a@$e.


Pac-Man Championship Edition DX Soft-Launched On The New Zealand App Store

Pac-Man Championship Edition DX has been soft launched today on the New Zealand App Store

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