Fable 3 - Gnomes Guide

Strengthgamer: Along with Silver and Gold Keys, there are Gnomes to be found in Fable 3. Below is the list of them all. They taunt and heckle you when you approach them, so use the descriptions below plus listen to your surroundings to find them all.

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AvidGamerrrr3127d ago

there are so many collectibles in this game. i love it!

Shield3127d ago

Now I gnome where to find them all. ;-)

BornToKill3127d ago

can't wait to play this game.

question: i'm getting an xbox soon the 4gb one, can i use 2 flash drives at the same time?

Deathracer3127d ago

Yes as long as both flash drives combined doesn't go over 16GB. If they do, it will only let you store up to 16GB.