Steam Halloween Sale is live, more than 20 games at 50-75 % OFF!

Gamersmint: Steam has lifted the curtain off their Halloween sale and boy, it’s a treat all the way!

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psb3125d ago

Always wanted to get that and now there's no excuse for me not to do so!

cyborg3125d ago

M officially ready to be spooked now!

nnotdead3125d ago

same here. only game i don't own or have played before, and have some interest in.

comp_ali3125d ago

it is a better deal than steam

nnotdead3124d ago

really? cool. i will have to check it out on impulse before hand.

Lionalliance3125d ago

I waited to get Amnesia, I knew it will get a discount :D!

s45gr323125d ago

Ooooh bioshock, hell yes and plants vs zombies neat.

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The story is too old to be commented.