PS3Vault Review: Time Crisis: Razing Storm

When the PlayStation Move was first announced I envisioned two wildly popular franchises that were built with the PlayStation Move in mind. One of them is Time Crisis while the other is Sega’s House of the Dead. For years Time Crisis has remained most popular on the arcades, with a couple iterations making it on to the consoles. Does the latest Time Crisis succeed in razing a storm? Or does this latest iteration fall short? Hit the break for our verdict.

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ryuzu3129d ago

This and the Shoot don't seem to be that good :/

I'd prefer House of the Dead Overkill 2 or something.


Heartnet3129d ago

I played the demo and i didnt use a dualshock or a nav controller at all lol and it worked fine ^^ 1 ps move controller is all i needed so dunno where ur getting this movement lark ^^

xyxzor3129d ago

Time Crisis 4 and Deadstorm Pirates are on rails, while Razing Storm requires a DualShock or Nav controller.