Nintendo Europe Boss on All Things Wii

Spong talks to Laurent Fischer on name, price, release dates and more.

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wakkiwakko5387d ago

Laurent Fischer: We... at Nintendo... we are not working in this competition area. My feeling when I saw the conferences of Microsoft and Sony, was I saw one block which is providing one kind of way to go for the videogames, the next-gen thing related only to graphics and power. And for a year now, we've been saying something else, that we're talking not about next-generation but new generation.

Ho my gosh! all the bull sh!t I’ve been spewing was actually correct! HA! HA! My crystal ball pwns all of your crystal balls!

Dustin_c_miller20085387d ago

i like the way nintendo are doing things i love the direction that the wii is going. xbox 360 wii ps3. are all awesome but i have a feeling that the wii is going to be the best.

BIadestarX5387d ago

I'm buying a wii when it comes out. But to me the wii it's complementary. For example, the virtual console; I can't wait for it but it brings nothing new. Some games will work well with the wiimote some will suck. I'm not even sure the wii can be compared with the other consoles; so I don't think "best" apply here. No matter how much I wan't the wii, I can't just forget about Metal Gear, Final Fantasy, Battle Field, Halo 3, Gear of War. That's why I will endup buying them all.

kingboy5386d ago

woohoo! mario mario ,5 mario games at launch lol! seriously not gettin this until after 2 years

wakkiwakko5386d ago

Just like 3 halo games.
7 tekken titles.
4+ metal gear solid titles. (yes... substance counts as well as pre play station titles)
Half a Dozen or more of mortal kombat titles.
Need For speed.
EA sport games (happen to be lunch titles :o)

Yeah, Mario Mario... everyone looks at Mario to ridicule a winning franchise. Quite silly in my opinion.

It's funny how they always pick Mario, as there isn’t enough EA money grabbing titles to laugh at. Or Konami with their winning eleven series. It’s a great game, but what’s been added in the last 2 titles? Nothing. Just roster updates.

Good thing Mario is only for Nintendo consoles. So pricky mcpricks who laugh at winning franchises can continue laughing, while playing yet another lousy installment of some continuation title which can't be classified as an exclusive cause sooner or later it will be ported for another console.

*cough* metal gear / grand theft auto *cough*

Haha. Mario Mario. At least Mario has the balls to stay true to one platform ;)

kingboy5386d ago

lol! i mean if it`s really cheap i`ll buy it before the year end`s not because mario lol! mario basketball ,mario football,mario adventures ,mario vs lugui, luigi vs mario, mario tennis,....come on it`s gettin too much..

wakkiwakko5386d ago

Yeah. It's getting too much.
Hah! Get real!

ChickeyCantor5386d ago

they can put all mario sport games in one package but remember the games are not always made by the same team( there are lots of teams in a company), or designer.

and if they did then what profit would nintendo have? these games will sell.
and i must admid some are just collecter items but a fan has its needs 2.
=D i respect mario games allot, with out mario i never start playing games in the first place.