PSP2 Will Ditch the UMD, May Rival Xbox 360 In Horsepower

Kotaku: The Playstation Portable 2, rumored to have dual analog sticks, a bigger screen and touch controls, will also rival the Xbox 360 in processing power and ditch the UMD format, sources tell Kotaku.

Earlier this week multiple sources detailed meetings with Sony during the Tokyo Game Show about the long-rumored PSP2.

In those meetings about the portable, we were told, the device was shown to have a touch panel on the back of the system what looked like a mouse trackpad. The PSP2 also had dual analog sticks and a larger display which Sony touted as being "HD."

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Shanks3009d ago (Edited 3009d ago )

Dual analog sticks.
A bigger screen.
More powerful tech.
Touch controls.

Day 1.

Game-ur3009d ago

Consol level COD with 2 analogs on the go

theonlylolking3009d ago

It would be nice if they include l2 and r2 buttons.

AndrewRyan3009d ago

Since the Xbox 360 came out. If the PSP doesn't match the 360 in tech I will be dissapointed.

Red_Orange_Juice3009d ago

No UMD doesnt mean download only, UMD was kind of comromised I guess, they'll implement something more secure.

HolyOrangeCows3009d ago

More rumors from Kotaku....I'll believe it when a reliable source comes along with its own info.

darthv723009d ago

I would expect a new piece of technology to at least be equal to an older piece of technology aside from surpass it.

GameGear rivals the master system. Gameboy rivals the nes. GBA rivals the SNES. DS rivals the gamecube. PSP rivals the ps1-2. It seems only logcal that a next gen psp would try to equate itself to the ps3/360 level of performace. That is only obvious.

Ditching the UMD...good move. Now just fix the DRM and people will get on board with digital downloads.

ProjectVulcan3009d ago (Edited 3009d ago )

Wont rival 360 in performance, power constraints and process technology make that unrealistic. But if it uses Tegra 2 it has the potential to perform somewhere in the region of a midrange Geforce 6 series. Nvidia have been struggling with power and heat of Tegra 2 on 40nm, but 28nm could be well established by the time the machine needs to go into production for a late 2011 launch which would instantly solve any such problems.

Although it cannot possibly match the current console performance, it doesnt have to in order to face down their visual capability. This is because on a small screen you dont need a big resolution, something like 960 x 540 would be a great resolution for a 4.5 inch screen or so.

If the machine has 50 percent the performance of a home console and only has to render to 50 percent resolution, the games could just look like pocket versions of current full blown console titles. Mighty impressive for a handheld in other words.

Ju3009d ago

Yea, 960x540. Something in the range of Alan Wake, wasn't it?

Hideo_Kojima3009d ago

Imagine Fallout 3 Portable...

I would be able to play the most addictive game everywhere I was.

thereapersson3009d ago

Give me hardware buttons, or don't even bother. I don't want my fingers blocking 1/4th of the screen space just to control my characters.

Hideo_Kojima3009d ago

Quote "It's been about 4 yeas since the Xbox 360 came out. If the PSP doesn't match the 360 in tech I will be dissapointed"

Are you fucking stupid?

Have you seen how big even the new 360 is?
Why would you think it would be easy to squeeze the power of the new 360 down to a portable console and include the battery and a power brick in it?

If Sony pulls this off I will be amazed.
If they don't I will definitely not be disappointed.
I always expect a lot from Sony but your underestimating how much of a leap this would be.

hikayu3009d ago

actually , they have dedicated touch strip . it wont use the screen's touch screen as analog sticks , we all know how much @ss they suck . from rumors , it works pretty well even on FPS . but i'll only believe it when i have my hands on it .

in term of power , i dont really need it 2 be much . i know sony like to improve their next gen stuff by ten fold , but i only need 5 =D . im fine with current resolution psp actually . put in LED or OLED screen , a better battery and more efficient chipset, a revamped PSN integration and im sold . it's not too much to ask , is it ?

Fan Tastic3009d ago

So its barely stronger than a PSP. Why bother. At least make it as strong as Wii.

sikbeta3008d ago

WOOW! That's freaking Epic... I want it...


Djinn3008d ago

I can't believe this idiot is getting agrees for asking for a COD game. And lol at the guy asking for L2 and R2 buttons. Why don't you attach a screen to your dualshock and be done with it.

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despair3009d ago (Edited 3009d ago )

as long as there are 2 analog sticks and not digital only I'll breathe easier, we'll know more when they announce it officially, but trusting Kotaku? no thanks.

Close_Second3009d ago

Why would you want a physical disc format for the PSP2?

NarooN3009d ago

Physical > digital. Go to the store and buy a game, all you get is the fucking case with a download voucher. You go home and try to download the game, and the download either corrupts or the servers go down, etc. When I buy a game, I wanna play it immediately, not wait to friggin' download it. Not to mention space is never an issue for your memory stick or whatever.

Close_Second3009d ago

...but what if you game gets stolen, damaged or lost? If you want the game again you have to buy it again.

Also, why is downloading seen as such a problem. Most people order on-line and have to wait for items to be delivered anyway. PSN is (nearly) always open and you can buy when you like. Most PSP downloads take 10 minutes or so. Less time than going to a store and buying it.

f7897903009d ago

There's also the issue of used games sales with a digital only console. There won't be any!!! That means game prices are going to stay up there.

Oh and you want to play the game again far into the future but you don't own it? You won't get to because the company that made it doesn't exist anymore hence it's absence from the store. Look how long FF7 took to come out.

DigitalAnalog3009d ago (Edited 3009d ago )

DD is a poor choice for 3 Reasons:

1. Digital Downloads is NOT universal. I know of people that still do not have fast or proper access to the internet. Seeing how PSP failed due to the lack of 3G support (limiting the consumer to access downloaded games), which brings us to....

2. How big are the games? It's unrealistic to download 4 - 8GB of games all the time (which is the standard this gen). This is where the iPhone games defer, they only take a SMALL amount of memory to download and play.

3. You can quote/unquote STEAM and the like. But let's face it, everyone who has STEAM has (one way or another) a gaming PC with sufficient HDD memory. Consoles games/Handheld game have targets that (believe it or not) ARE CASUAL GAMERS. Where do you think they would store ALL these games in their library? Certainly not in the handheld. Unless this handheld has 1TB worth of free memory since you know this isn't an MP3 player.

-End statement

Close_Second3009d ago

...into a trap of debating capacity. That is download speeds, file sizes, etc. Look at how far we have come in the last 10 years in terms of storage and download speeds. To think that they will remain where they are is just plain rediculous. 10 years ago downloading an entire music album would have been perceived as madness and a reason why on-line music stores would never look at where music store retailers are.

Unfortunatly if the PSP2 is a download only device then its being aimed at a different target audience however, what's stopping game stores from provding an in-store download service. That is, walk into a store and pay for the item and have them copy it onto your device right there and then.

As for second hand game sales show me one developer that wants them to stick around. As soon as game DD becomes a practical reality for the majority (which is not far away) you'll see less games being released on disc. Especially at the numbers they are now. I dare say that if fewer physical caopies are floating around that it wont be so cheap to buy second hand anyway. Not when you consider that you may have more games that require you to buy an unlock code anyway if the game has already been registered (e.g. MoH).

Anyway, debating/discussing the issue is irrelevant as DD is the way its all heading whether we like it or not.

RacingLightning013009d ago

For one reason limited downloads, the PSN will only let you download your game five times off the network, even with a 16GB of Memory (like with the PSPgo)your going to be limited to the amount of games you play.

I personally hope there will be a physical media drive, of some sort.

DigitalAnalog3009d ago (Edited 3009d ago )

"Look at how far we have come in the last 10 years in terms of storage and download speeds. To think that they will remain where they are is just plain rediculous. 10 years ago downloading an entire music album would have been perceived as madness and a reason why on-line music stores would never look at where music store retailers are."

You can't base your entire argument on that alone. Back when Napster was still the trend, I could easily download as many music as I want without hassle, the only problem is that the MP3 players at that time did not have the "memory" capacity to store the multitudes of songs that came forward. It was not until the introduction of GB storage on a portable device did the DD changed everything.

You only look at one aspect of the situation while you ignore the other. If we're looking at "next-gen" titles, obviously we're talking HUGE amount of GB.

Yes, I agree with you that DD could be the future or in general "soft-copies" are going to be the standard for IPHONE or last-gen type of games. We're now talking about "next-gen" titles. Unless you could fit TB's of information into a portable device, ON TOP OF THAT, a fast internet connection to download SAID games ONLY then would I see DD as a viable option. If you want an example, take the original PSX classics on PSN. 15 years ago, the idea would be crazy. But think HOW FAR it had to go just so that it could be downloaded right onto our PSP's. Heck, we're not even talking about making portable PS2 games yet.

-End statement

Nicaragua3008d ago

Wrong, you can re-download things from the PSN store as many times as you want to the same PS3/PSP but you can only download it to a maximum of 5 different machines.

So i can buy a PS1 game from the store and have it on my PS3, my PSP, my kids PS3, my kids PSP, and my mates PS3. On those 5 machines i can download it, delete it, re-download it as many times as a i want to.

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360RRODFIX3009d ago

i can only imagine price on this thing

Incipio3009d ago (Edited 3009d ago )


John-1173009d ago (Edited 3009d ago )

$599.999.999 YOUES DALLARZ

SSKILLZ3009d ago

$500 is chump change I'm down with the cash.

SuperStrokey11233009d ago

lol 500 being chump change... sure thing buddy. And i own the moon which is actually made of cheese.

n4f3009d ago


n4f3009d ago (Edited 3009d ago )

oh sorry double post

n4f3009d ago (Edited 3009d ago )

danm triple post please dont kill me

DatNJDom813009d ago

That's great. That means multiplats on my psp2.

Scary693009d ago

$299.99 to compete with the DS 3D :-/

nycredude3009d ago

*holds pinky at the corner of mouth*

One BILLION dollars!

saint_seya3009d ago

maybe it will cost just what an amazing new technology is worth :)=

AntoineDodson3009d ago

Maybe it can cost your wife and children...

I can actually see people trading that in for the PSP2 lol

Obama3009d ago

Oprah: It's over 9000!!!!!

fight4love3009d ago

heh this is why i like this site.a lot of funny crap happens.

NarooN3009d ago

It's like N4G wreaks of newfags or something. That $599.99 USD joke got old right after it was created, just like 99.999% of all the memes out there.

FanboyPunisher3009d ago

A handheld match a console? 360, good luck! hahah!
Impossible, anyone saying "i'll be disappointed if it doesnt" you clearly have no idea how electronics/handhelds work, power limitations, and performance limitations compared to their outlet counterpart.

Stupudidest article i've read this week, crowned by the PS3 Fanboys that dont know jack shit about tech.

Hideo_Kojima3008d ago

Maximum and I really mean MAXIMUM... 399.99

Most likely 299.99-349.99

It wouldn't make sense to the consumers why a PSP2 cost more than the PS3 although when you think about it a PSP2 also need to include the screen speakers and probably is harder to develop than a home console as you need to compress a lot of power into a very small space.

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joydestroy3009d ago

i can tell you now that it won't be all digital. Sony already confirmed that it won't be digital download only like the PSPgo so not sure who gave out this false information.

so, if they are getting rid of UMD, then there will be another type of disc used.

moparful993009d ago

There are "cart" like storage devices that are near commercial release that supposedly can hold more then a blu-ray disc and are lightning fast since they dont require and optical laser to read and interpret data... Sounds good to me....

despair3009d ago

Isn't there something that stores in a virtual 3D space on a small strip that holds gigs? That would be cool.

kneon3009d ago

I'm pretty sure UMD is dead whatever they do, it's just too big and power hungry.

They could just go with a secure variant of memory stick or SD card to prevent piracy. Stick a JavaCard chip in there to handle the security side and you're good to go. then they can produce various sizes to meet the needs of the games. At the time of launch it would likely be uneconomical to use anything over about 4gb, though if the past decade is any indication that should about double every year.

f7897903009d ago

Kneon, it doesn't matter what type of security Sony implements. There will be SO many hackers jumping on it, it's going to be ridiculous. I'm buying my PSP2 day 1 for all the wonderful security holes in it. Yeah, I'll still buy all my games but I want to play my entire PS2 collection and Mario Kart 64 on it.

kneon3009d ago

Well the PS3 has been quite secure so far, I expect the PSP2 to be at least as secure, if not more given what they've learned and how security has advanced since the PS3 launch.

Hideo_Kojima3008d ago (Edited 3008d ago )

Are we talking about a new form of flash memory like
memory sticks but with even more storage?
That would be cool if they dont cost $100 like those 32GB memory sticks.
+No more of that slightly annoying spinning sound you get when you play on the PSP.

Wait if these cartages hold more than 50GBs and they are cheap enough to be used as game cartages they would most likely replace every single memory stick there is out there on every camera and phone and Sony would once again have the best form of storage in their new console.

Unless they are not rewritable.

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TreMillz3009d ago

PLEASE tell me Sony is finally going to use mini Blu-ray, 16gb of pure joy!

chazjamie3009d ago

wat would be the point?

Close_Second3009d ago

Forget disc format. They're slow, use more battery life and not all that portable. Give me a PSP2 with ample on board memory for storing games.

The thing I love about downloaded PSP games from PSN:
1. You always own them. Having kids you'll appreciate being able to download a game again over having to buy it again if the disc gets lost or damaged.
2. You can use them on up to 5 PSPs!

BannedForNineYears3009d ago

"May rival 360 in terms of horse power".
That's not saying much, the Magnavox Odyssey could rival the 360 in terms of online play/graphics/controller/fun factor. >_>

nilamo3009d ago

The scary thing is some of these trolls actually believe the horse crap they shovel into the comments section

kaveti66163009d ago

that's too stupid to be funny.

milohighclub3009d ago

i like the idea of the touch pad, i didn't at first. but then i thought it would be cool walk with left analog, camera with right analog, aim with touchpad. dualshock 4 anyone??

bumnut3009d ago

it would be nice, but i don't think a device so small will be as powerful as a 360. it may not be too far away though because the games will be running at a lower res on the small screen.

8thnightvolley3009d ago

Funny how they says the 360 is 512ram but forget the ps3 is even smaller at 256 and an added 70 was managed to be sqeezed out so what does tht say mmmm

nycredude3009d ago

Get your facts straight. PS3 has 512 ram also. Can't believe there are still people who are so misinformed.

8thnightvolley3009d ago

So psp2 is more powerful than ps3?.. U see bigger ram means squrat if a computer's composition of its parts is not in sync it does get to be better, I won't believe the psp2 is doing anything close to the processing power of any current Gen console 360 has 3 cores at 3.2ghz and ps3 cell and 7sub processors so how does psp2 want to do that without asking for some mad price of 400 pounds at least

BaneWilliams3009d ago (Edited 3009d ago )

PS3 has 256ram as opposed to 360's 512.

PS3 ALSO has 256 of dedicated Graphics Ram, which the 360 has as well in addition to its 512 base.

Kotaku wrote that article specifically so it would be a fanboy flamer - Because 'may rival PS3 in horsepower' wouldn't get near as much debate and traffic.

Nevermind the fact that 1GB of RAM is still not much considering the fact that most gaming PC's have 6-8 nowadays.

OpenGL3009d ago (Edited 3009d ago )

There are smart phones with more than 512MB of RAM but that doesn't meant they are more powerful than the PS3/360.

@ BaneWilliams

The PS3 has 256MB of XDR dedicated to the CPU and 256MB of GDDR3 dedicated to the GPU, where as the 360 has 512MB of RAM that can be divided however the developer wishes amongst the CPU and GPU.

SiLeNt KNighT3009d ago

i have 4 shiny quarters, want to trade me for your single $100 bill? thats 4 things for you and 1 for me!

my friends ps3 has 320 gb and my ps3 has 60 gb tho? der de der, ram is good, and so is microsoft cuz they smart and have cool technology and stuff

get your facts straight fellas! especially if your going to try and correct someone. haha 256 + 70 ??? huh? are you referring to the OS footprint as the "added 70"? so were at 326mb of ram in the ps3 then? i tried to think of so many ways not to call you guys stupid but its really hard when i re-read what you typed. unfortunately ive come to the conclusion that you guys are indeed, just stupid.

ps3's hardware is better than the 360's in every possible way. it takes the dev. to utilize the power but raw numbers the 360 cant compete. even with the same amount of ram in both [512mb], as others have stated, 256mb of the ps3's ram is around 6x faster than the 360's. im confident you have no idea what i said or will be saying so just go play sub hd games and dont forget the lunch your mums packed you for school tomorrow!