MAG Escalation Expansion Coming The 3rd Of November

Elliott Martin on EU Playstation Blog writes: "This past summer, many of you took part in our latest MAG Beta program to help us test out a number of new features slated for our recently released update, MAG 2.0, and future DLC. Thanks to your devotion, we gathered a surplus of fantastic data that allowed us to make MAG a better game… and we’re not done yet!

Though the MAG 2.0 patch has been available since the end of September, the DLC portion of the beta has remained unreleased — but not for too much longer. Starting on the 3rd of November, our three faction gunplay whirlwind, the “Escalation” Add-on Pack, will be available for download from the PlayStation Store for €7.99/£6.29!"

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theonlylolking3924d ago

MAG just gets better and better with patches and DLC. All reviews should be eliminated and re done because this game is completely different now.

darksied3924d ago

How is it a better game than when it started? I'm asking honestly; I played it when it launched, but got bored of it pretty quickly. That could have been because I'm not used to console shooters (PC shooters is what I do) but I've been following this game for a while. How would you say it is now compared to launch?

darkdoom30003924d ago

They redone the whole skill tree system, added a currency store, map updates, weapon changes, level cap increased(70), ability to buy more character slots, full clan deploy.

Dark-Cloud3924d ago

they edit the damge -.- .... it's harder now on move >.< ...

erathaol3924d ago

I just got MAG recently, it has changed but it still has that great feel I got when the beta went open. Don't buy the move or the DLC for this game, without buying a mic, its a better experience with one.

My only gripe with the game is that there is no compensation for dropping out unexpectedly (through disconnect or PS3 freeze).

DirtyLary3924d ago

Finally. Sneak this in before Nov 9th so you get some sales.

Let's all pray MAG survives the COD:BO release.

btw the patch today is broken, still have lockups :(

Spenok3924d ago

Agreed, this game has come a long way. I just wish people who played it at launch would first have given it a longer try then the first couple of lvls, and second give it another go and see all the amazing updates this game has reieved. This is probably the most support i have seen for a game post launch in a long time.

theonlylolking3924d ago

@darksied and darkdoom3000

They also added some graphical improvements.

FragGen3924d ago

"MAG just gets better and better with patches and DLC."

Yeah, at this rate it'll actually be a decent game by next March! LOL!

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darkdoom30003924d ago

Awesome, I really love mag. Mainly due to the fact killing isnt the main goal. sticking with your squad and doing the objectives is. killing people gives you 5xp. reviving people gives you 10xp, destroying APCs gives you 10xp. repairing gives you 1xp a second.

and when you are doing it in the frago (target objective the squad leader chose) you get double xp.

Im neglecting the KZ3 beta for this!

BabyTownFrolics3924d ago (Edited 3924d ago )

i purchased interdiction and while things have gotten better, it still takes forever to get into a game. will this just not split the community up more? also having this show up a week prior to cod black ops just means that the small player base will just get smaller.

I have been with MAG since before day one but the discrepancies between folks enthusiasm for the game and actually playing the game day to day is an ever growing chasm.

just visit the official MAG forums to get an actual glimpse of the issues with MAG. If you were to just go by N4G you would think there was some conspiracy against this game.

MsmackyM3924d ago

The time has finally arrived, so much for voting on the 2nd j/k. This should settle who is the better pmc one and for all.

360nPS3rTheSAME3924d ago

not because of it maps and weapons but because of it's teamwork. Valor and raven randoms rarely use teamwork but nearly everytime I play with sver we work together

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