Joystiq: Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare DLC Review

Joystiq: "With spooky narration and a silent John Marston riding through the evening rain, "Undead Nightmare" opens with an unsettling reintroduction to the protagonist's sleepy rural ranch. The reformed outlaw is still in the relatively quiet moments before Red Dead Redempion's memorable final act, but not all's cut-and-dried on the homestead. In fact, thanks to an outbreak of animated corpses and an onslaught of cannibalism, things are more along the lines of cut-up-and-bloodied for the Marston crew."

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UNLOADED3126d ago

Best DLC i've Ever purchased. $9.99 is a Steal. I got it For $7.99, PS plus.

Redlogic3126d ago

I too got it for $7.99...haven't had a chance to play it yet but I keep reading about how great it is. Hopefully I can get to it tonite.

Urahara3126d ago

"With Clint Eastwood now old enough to technically qualify as a zombie himself, John realizes he's the only cowboy capable of fixing this mess..."


MeatAbstract3126d ago

Bought it, played it for abit, will be cranking it over the Halloween weekend. Its pretty awesome for £8