GameFocus: Pinball FX 2 Review

GameFocus: "With the deluge of AAA retail titles squeezing their way on store shelves along with the high profile XBLA releases dominating the online topics of discussion, you would be forgiven if you said that Pinball FX 2 was not on your shopping list. I mean, it’s pinball, right? We have pinball on pretty much every digital platform available and odds are, you already own a copy somewhere. So Zen Studios’ release of Pinball FX 2 on XBLA - a sequel to 2007’s Pinball FX - presents us with one question: Why unleash a whole new game instead of just more tables?"


+ Physics are greatly improved
+ Spruced up visuals provide lots of eye candy
+ Social features capture the spirit of pinball
+ Free-hub business model has a lot of potential for mini-transactions...


- ...which is only being half utilized at this point
- Limited appeal

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