Top 5 Biggest DLC Rip-Offs

NowGamer: Add-on DLC is a double-edged sword. On the one hand it can lengthen any gamer's enjoyment of a game by providing him or her with great value content. On the other, it's just one big rip-off. Here we list the biggest rip-offs in DLC history...

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scar203126d ago

Yes finally someone else thinks mw2 map packs wer s*** why would you pay $30 for only 6 new maps and four old maps if i wanted to play the 4 old maps all i have to do is pop in cod4.

NegativeCreepWA3124d ago

I don't mind paying $10 for five maps, but I put my foot down at $15 and stooped playing it because of it to.

Kalowest3124d ago

Nice ass scar20.
Thats too much for DLC, I can buy a game or 2 for $30.

Oldman1003125d ago

lol where's the horse armor?

TekoIie3124d ago (Edited 3124d ago )

thought the exact same thing ^^^

CREESH3124d ago

I bought em and couldn't play because nobody else has bought them.

TekoIie3124d ago

that doesnt make them a rip off dude.... They were not overpriced...

Cots13124d ago

Well i agree with creesh very few players playing the dlc, but i got the game a few months after it was out

P_Bomb3124d ago

That can apply to every game, that's why you get em when they're hot. Try the BioShock 2 map pack. Now THAT was a disaster. There's no rotations with the new maps, no filter like KZ2 so if one person doesn't have it then no one can play, and most haven't. Quantum of Solace map pack was bad too.

Kalowest3124d ago

Tons of ppl have the KZ2 DLC maps, it just that same of the original maps are better. The KZ2 maps are cheap/well-priced.

Led-Zeppelin3124d ago

The whole DLC business is a rip-off. Take 1/3 of game out and sell it for $15 a few months later, way to treat your customers.

ElementX3124d ago

"Every Single Avatar Accessory Ever, Xbox 360"

How about every PS Home accessory? No need to single out one company when they both do it.

Godmars2903124d ago

Except with the crap from Home you're not paying $4 for a shirt. You can buy virtual furniture sets, animated tattoos, in Home for what a pair of pants costs on XBL.

Though there is the $15 gold suit that rains money.

T9X693124d ago

The shirts and pants are never $4, there always $1-$2, mostly $2, the outfits are what is $4, like MW2 Army outfit, or Halo Armor, things like that. The thing is though, on XBL you're always seeing your friends avatars, you click on their profile, you see their avatar, you scroll through your friends on the dashboard you see everyone's avatar, there's even games you can use you're avatar. So at least if you waste the few bucks people will see it, where with PS Home you NEVER see your friends person unless you're playing Home and they are on.

IMO Home furniture that no one will ever probably see is pretty pointless. If you want to decorate an apartment or something, The Sims 3 just came out.

Kalowest3124d ago

I love my X360 Avatar Accessories, but hate my PS Home/Avatar Accessory. PSHome Sucks.

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