GameFocus: Saw II: Flesh & Blood Review

GameFocus: "Earlier this year, a few friends of mine thought I went crazy. While they were busy playing Darksiders, Bayonetta and Army of Two: The 40th Day, my Xbox Live profile was showing that I was fooling around with SAW: The Video Game (yeah, I played the game a few months after it released - call it morbid curiosity). Despite its repetitive levels and flawed controls, the game managed to keep me interested until the end. Not to say that it was an amazing experience, but it did have more positives than negatives. For someone that grew tired of the movie franchise after the second chapter, it felt good to play a licensed game based on the Jigsaw killer."


+ Clever puzzles
+ Macabre presentation, great environmental sounds


- Clunky and frustrating controls
- Quick time events have taken over
- Way too punishing...and for no justifiable reason
- No more hand-made traps??
- Why break something that just needed a quick fix?????

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