The Top 10 Games You May Miss This Year

IGN AU writes:
"The floodgates are well and truly opening on the release avalanche that will carry us through to the New Year. There's going to be a veritable treasure trove of gaming on offer over the next few months. We've already got BioShock and Metroid Prime 3: Corruption (in the States), but it's not long until the likes of Skate, Super Paper Mario (in AU), World in Conflict and Halo 3. Then after that we slide neatly into Guitar Hero III, Rock Band (in the States - did I mention curse you?), Need for Speed ProStreet, Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, Pro Evolution Soccer 2008, Super Mario Galaxy, Crysis, Burnout Paradise, Mass Effect and Assassin's Creed. So many big names. So many top sellers and triple A titles.

This feature isn't about those games. It's about the games that could easily be overshadowed by the above, even though they don't deserve to be. Here are our Top 10 games to put on your radar.

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MK_Red4160d ago

They should have included Jericho and Witcher. Also, Uncharted is a superb game but I don't think it will be overlooked and people will get it. I know it's a day one purchase for me and something tells me that deep will also get it on day one :)

cloud3604160d ago (Edited 4160d ago )

worst list ever. who wud overlook uncharted....

And am looking forqward to Disagea. Luv disgea 1+2.

hour of drakness is worth infinite hours of gameplay... You can actually level up your items in the game

MK_Red4160d ago

My biggest problems with the list are:
1.Not including Jericho.
2.Including Hannah Montana.
3.They said Uncharted is a bad name! I mean how on earth is it a bad name? ]
Uncharted is a totally cool and old-school name resembling classic adventure movies and certainly matchs the game's look and feel. An "Uncharted" beautiful and lush jungle and world waiting for players and Drake to enter.

cloud3604160d ago

hey it is the xbox360 ign after all

Rooted_Dust4159d ago

I think Uncharted is a perfect name. If you're looking for bad names how about "Witcher". What the hell does thet even mean? Since when was Witch a verb?

Zhuk4160d ago

they got most of it right, there are some great titles on that list that I probably wont pick up till next year cause there's so many other games to buy

Greysturm4159d ago

I wont miss jean the arc that seems like an awesome rpg by the reviews, Ttabula Rasa because it sounds like mass effect only with the only difference that it is multiplayer (that and i love SCI-FI). And uncharted has been promoted up the wazoo in most sony events i wouldnt miss that title but i see the reasoning why the general public might pass them over at least for a while.

willud4skins4159d ago

i think alot of people are going to play uncharted. thats one game thats makes me want a ps3. i think skate. should be on the list.

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