Burnout crashes into 2008

EA has confirmed that the next installment of Burnout won't make the expected release date and will be planned early 2008.

According to EA, the development is in the final few moments, but they want to make it perfect and thus need a bit extra time. Too bad for all the crashfans outhere...

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BloodySinner4160d ago

That's a damn shame! However, it doesn't bother me much. I still have a couple of games to finish before I even think of buying new ones.

Anything but Cute4160d ago

I regret to say that I think I'm going green pretty soon. That's right I'm leaving PS3 behind and buying an XBOX 360 instead.

MaximusPrime4160d ago

where did it say PS3 is delayed?

Burnout was born on PS and should come first, if not simultanous release.

I prefer having Burnout on PS3 and this add to my list of burnout series i have. (btw: xbox is one short of Burnout, that is Burnout Dominator)

I'm aware of the release date so im fine with that.

Razzy4160d ago

Better change your avatar then dude.

MaximusPrime4160d ago

id like to but FF7 is my favorite game too. i would like them to remake it for PS3.

Marona4160d ago (Edited 4160d ago )

MaximusPrime, I think Razzy talks of Lorenz's Avatar.

As for the news, I'm not in a hurry but it is the only racing game I'm really looking forward to - hope it turns out as great as the old ones.

Edit: No need to say that about yourself now.

MaximusPrime4160d ago

how stupid i have become.

Thanks for letting me know.

Pete_Approved4160d ago

haha, thats just what MS wants and PS3 has to deal with..

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MK_Red4160d ago

Sad news. Burnout Paradise was my personal number one most anticipated game of 07 (Yes, I'm a Burnout Freak). Hopefully the work more and make it even better and a worthy seqel to excellent Burnout Revenge.
Thansk for the news.

Anything but Cute4160d ago

sorry for any confusion. Just reporting my decision to leave PS3 randomly on articles.

carlman234160d ago

I mean, it would be a shame to lose the PS3 when a bunch of decent titles are coming out early next year (we hope). There are obviously development issues right now, and only the biggest fanboys would think that MS's line-up isn't great this fall, but if I still had my PS3, I may try to hold out for MGSIV. (I still recommend getting an Xbox though!)

Gil4159d ago

Good move, that way you won't have to wait for AAA games. I wouldn't sell your PS3 if u have one though, there will eventually be some great games coming out for it.

Better brace yourself, I'm sure the PS3 fanboys are gonna jump all over you for this.

Razzy4160d ago

Future quote from EA: "Oh by the way the PS3 version is delayed 2 months and, oh yeah, it will suck" ;)

ShiftyLookingCow4160d ago

Nah Criterion are supposed to be a bunch PS fans I heard

DG4159d ago

This one you cant blame EA this is one of their top notch devs and if they say they need time give them time. I doubt its the PS3s fault. Cant wait for this one. But I got enough games for this year to hold me down. At least there wont be a drought in the new year with Burnout and GTA4.

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