New DBZ Series to be Exclusive to PS3, showing at TGS - Rumor

Apparently an insider on the Atari forums named "Jipang" (who has been correct on these rumors many times before) has found out that Dimps (the developers of the original three Budokai games) is developing an all new DBZ series for PS3. He even goes on to say that an all new Naruto and Gundam series is underway too and that they all may appear at TGS.

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cloud3604160d ago

No suprise. DBZ is Japanese. over at japan thats the stuff they like. so ps3 shud be the console.

wait i dont think i ever saw a dbz game on 360

Sayai jin4159d ago

Yes, the original Xbox had DBZ: Sagas and there wil be sone coming to the 360 as well. Even though I am a DBZ freak (hence my name "Sayai jin") those games are usually not that great, well I mean they are all pretty much the same. Games like this are not usually even worth the "exclusive" tag. Not like games like KZ, Halo, etc. DBZ games are usually bubblegum games.

achira4160d ago

nice news! i cant wait to play a DBZ game on ps3, cant imagine the nice effects! i cant wait for that. yesterday i played folklore, and i said to my girlfriend, nice effects, how cool would it be when DBZ come to ps3 with such nice effects. bang one day later, this nice rumour.

monoknacker4160d ago

dimps did such a good job with dbz budokai 3 i'm quite excited about this.

Marona4160d ago

Just don't make it similar to Tenkaichi Buodakai or Legends, thats all I ask for.

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The story is too old to be commented.