Xbox's 'Dead Rising' seems to require an HDTV

One of the Xbox's greatest features of allowing players to view the games in ether high-def or standard-def seems to have been forgot by Capcom in Dead Rising. Internet forums are flaming away on how the in-game's text are un-readable on normal SDTVs and users are claiming that the game must have been test only on high-def sets. This 'bug' effects nearly every portion of the game as the player cannot read anything in any conversation or receive the games instructions when viewed on a normal TV.

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Marriot VP5386d ago

anybody with a normal tv verify this. It's hard to believe but it seems possible.

ScorpioKyle5386d ago

my bestfriend has a lot of trouble reading it. but he plays his 360 on a really small tv

2tired2day2hate5386d ago (Edited 5386d ago )

its small but i've always been able to read it well enough to be ok. my tv is only 27" and i sit like 6 feet away and its still pretty hard to see. so i'd imagine a smaller tv would be really annoying to play on. its more of an issue of just being small, has nothing to do with not being clear enough. i dont know why hd was even brought up.... The sad part is people will criticize ms for this and not capcom

PS360PCROCKS5386d ago

yeah for sure, I have a HDTV and it's only 27" and I have a hard time seeing text at times as well, it really depends on the game as well...

willud4skins5386d ago

i cant read anything. i dont have an hdtv. im so glad i rented this game instead of buying it. maybe a update will come out.

LilClaw5386d ago

I noticed this in the demo. It's pretty hard to read the text without straining my eyes. Oh well, I'd figured that someone would write a walkthrough or something online someday. So I'm not too worried about it.

Daewoodrow5386d ago

there will be an inevitable update, but not before thousands inevitably criticise the xbox 360 and inevitably claim this signifies Playstation superiority.
Life is so predictable sometimes.

wakkiwakko5386d ago

But won’t it be the same issue with PS3? X360 games have been aimed at normal standard TVs allowing you to also play in HD and get greater detail etc. Now we’re seeing games focused more on HD, thus the problem with dead rising.

HALO3 will support both HD and SD, but what about PS3? It’s aimed totally at NEXT GEN and HD gaming. :(

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The story is too old to be commented.