Parents TV Council Criticizes 'Abysmal' ESRB Retail Compliance

Parental advocate group the Parents Television Council this week criticized retailers' "abysmal" performance in enforcing Entertainment Software Rating Board ratings.

The group issued a "PTC Action Alert" this week covering the results of a "secret shopper" study that sent 109 "activists" aged 12 to 16 on 109 visits to local stores in 14 markets across 11 U.S. states.

In 21 of those visits, or 19 percent, the retailer was willing to sell an M-rated game, meant for ages 17 and up, to the underage customers. That's an improvement over the PTC's 2008 secret shopper survey, which found roughly 35 percent of retailers not enforcing the ESRB's ratings.

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awiseman3128d ago

thats funny, Im over 17 and I get ID checked 100% of the time.

And plzz no comments about me looking like im 12 and Im a one bubber on topic plzzz

lodossrage3127d ago

Every time I go to video game stores they ALWAYS asked for my ID and my age. And I'm well over 25 for god sake.

I'll tell you what the problem is:

Little bobby: "Mommy, Daddy, I want GTA 4 for xmas. I passed all my classes in school so can I have it?"

Parents:" Of course you can have it dear"

*Parents drive to the nearest Gamestop*

Parents: "Hello, do you guys carry a game called GTA 4?"

Store clerk: "Yes, yes we do, but I can't sell it to you unless your over 18. May I see your I.D. please?"

*Parent hands over I.D. and makes purchase*

*XMAS day comes*

Little bobby: "YAY GTA 4!!!! Just what I always wanted. Thanks mom, thanks dad!!!!"

All this while the parent doesn't even give a damn about looking at the ESRB rating that is VERY VISIBLE on the game package

Dan503127d ago

Then call all the news organizations about it and call for the game to be outlawed.