Report: MotorStorm: Apocalypse will have a BETA

GamingBolt: According to GamingBolt’s sources, Motorstorm Apocalypse will soon get its own Beta version, just like the ongoing beta of Killzone 3.

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gameseveryday3125d ago

First Little Big Planet 2 then Killzone 3...Now Motorstorm. This is getting HOT!

Longrod_Von_Hugendon3125d ago

Willing to do anything for a code.... anything. ; )

thor3125d ago

Yeah but still no full PS3 games for the holidays...

seij5553125d ago

Gt5 and Uncharted 2 Goty edition.

thor3125d ago

So... a game that released last year that I already own, and a game that is very likely going to be delayed until next year (Still no new release date, eh? At least LBP2 got given one almost straight away)

Try again.

RIP_Weazel3125d ago

Hmmm. All signs seem to point that GT5 is coming out early Dec.

thor3125d ago (Edited 3125d ago )

Hmmm. All signs seem to point that you shouldn't trust retailers for GT5 release dates (retailers claimed GT5 was coming out March '08, then Holiday '08, then March '09, then November '09, then December '09, then Early '10, then 2nd November '10, then December '10 - see a pattern? See why people call these "delays"? It's because they trust retailer release dates)

Try again.

dosgrtr3125d ago

3rd party releases are full ps3 games

Motorola3125d ago

Yes there is a full PS3 game this holiday. Cod Black ops, and sly collection which is 3 in 1. Ouch... get owned. (you didnt say exclusives)

thor3125d ago

"you didn't say exlcusives"

Yes but that's clearly what I meant. I will probably buy Black Ops on PC (if at all).

Sly collection is more old games.

Motorola3125d ago

You meant it but didnt say it... so how is anyone supposed to know? Sad excuse

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Quagmire3125d ago (Edited 3125d ago )

I'm sick of all these closed Beta's you gotta scrounge around for.

Oh well, better than nothing I suppose, GIMME A CODE!

raztad3125d ago

I have to say that I signed up PS+ just to have a chance to enter KZ3 beta.

OK, OK, paying for a beta, blah blah blah. I knew Sony wasnt sending me any code and I dont like to beg for one. So this was my chance. I took it and I got in.

MS:A, and most likely, R3 beta are making me think about renewing my PS+ subscription. There are other goodies that comes with it too, but I take those as bonuses :)

Shubhankar3125d ago

Awesome, I hope GB does a giveaway of these just like they did for KZ3 and LBP2! :D

cyborg3125d ago

this is pretty neat. Can't wait

Assassin Nawabi3125d ago

couldn't care less, just roll out the damn games! betas take away that excitement of playing the full game for the first time

cyborg3125d ago

you're the first guy I have heard saying that dude?

If it does one thing, it makes us all the more excited to play them!

crematory3125d ago

someone like me , i never like to participate in beta ,specially if it for long run ,its really take from whole experience

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The story is too old to be commented.