Yo Ho and a Bottle of DRM: Sailing Against Piracy, Part 1

BeefJack: "Like any other child, I had heard the stories: there were pirates out there, sailing the seven torrent sites, who wanted nothing more than to loot games from their rightful owners. They were told around campfires or as horror stories by parents trying to trick their kids into doing something. “Eat your vegetables, or the pirates will come for your game shelf,” my mother used to say. And nothing is scarier to a 21-year-old child than hearing his mother threaten his game shelf. Except maybe Macy Gray. That dude is freakin’ terrifying."

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Quagmire3129d ago

I wish I was a pirate. The cool kind, I mean, not this newfangled cyberspace junk.

dirthurts3129d ago (Edited 3129d ago )

There has to be a suitable solution.
I'm still a fan of the good ol fashion disk check.
I guess they could eventually switch to blu ray disks, which are expensive to copy but the drives are expensive and slow. That's a step back.