PlayStation Move third party accessories: Grips and stuff

Last part of iWaggle3D tour in the land of the PlayStation Move 3rd party accessories is up, offering a collection of all the controller grips, camera clips and other minor stuff currently available.

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TheLastGuardian3131d ago

I was wondering when the Move was going to get it's own version of the wii mote condoms.

toaster3131d ago

LMAO watch all the Wii haters flock to these.

DelbertGrady3131d ago

Was about to crack a "vein" joke but I'd probably get a lifetime ban for that.

Seferoth753131d ago

Kinda makes the PS3 even that more expensive...

I remember when Sony fanboys added in the price of every little thing trying to make the PS3 look cheaper and how they were reasons to not but a Wii and hate Nintendo.

wont see that same hate from them here and of course these are all optional. You of course had to have Wii fit in order to play NSMBWii.

R_aVe_N3131d ago

All these are are add-ons that are not required or needed. As far as the fanboys go you are right there with them so you are one to talk.

Titanz3131d ago

And I remember Hip-hop gamer talking about, "Yo mane, I ain't playing games like this, *Does an up and down motion with both arms,replicating Wii gameplay*.I believe he was talking about "Madworld"(Its an old video, go and check it out), and how he "thought" motion controls were bad for gameplay.

Thats not my point(although he may be a "Hip-Hop hypocrite), my point is that "Specs" consume a gamers mind worser than anything else--what would happen if Apple actually released a home console? They can literally wipe-out any competition in that market because people buy Apple products like hotcakes!

It won't be too long until they actually release a console themselves(a better one with steam support).

Nintendo was right when they said they consider Apple to be the enemy, because the majority of the worlds population are in love with their products.

R_aVe_N3131d ago

What does that have to do with Move accessories?

Titanz3131d ago

Just venting off a little steam.

AlienFodder3131d ago (Edited 3131d ago )

If they made all those fancy grip thingies for the Move, does that mean something similar exists for the DS3? Because that thing can get really slippery after a couple of hours of intense gaming (I can already see the bad jokes coming from a mile away so go ahead, have at it if you want :) ).

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