CVG reviews Warhawk

Warhawk doesn't do anything new. There's nothing here you haven't seen in a thousand other games. But it's also confoundingly brilliant. Why? Because rather than worry about competing with other developers and coming up with hundreds of elaborate ideas, Incognito have focused on making a straight-up online action game that's as rugged as anything we've seen - however many people are on screen, or how scenery-defyingly high you fly, the game never slows down or breaks into pop up. The controls are brilliantly simple, gameplay is fast and tactical and there's nary a sniff of lag.

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THC CELL4069d ago

cant wait till tomorrow afternoon to dl this one,

nasim4068d ago

Downloaded it from PSN

see u all online


TheExecutive4069d ago

It looks a lot like their preview. However a 9 out of 10 is good. I would still give it a 9.3. This just reaffirms my question to PSM, what exactly were YOU thinking?

MK_Red4069d ago

Warhawk is getting some really good reviews, showing more and more that how wrong and stupid that PSM review was.

The Wood4068d ago

anybody who played the beta knew it too. Maybe the powers that be want PSM to fail and giving sh*te reviews and hiring a pc/ xbox preferrer are a couple ways of doing it. Its readership should be on a downwards slant right about now.

resistance1004069d ago (Edited 4069d ago )

Finaly a 9 out of 10 from a top multiplat website.

Still this isn't surprising as the beta was top notch, heck i spent more time on warhawk beta than i did halo3 beta :O

I don't know anyone who was in the beta say that they didn't like warhawk

EDIT - I SEE CVG Didn't find any downers with this game either :D

Edwin19894069d ago

except for the hangups and crashes, in what ways is the final build improved compared to the public beta?

I liked the beta a lot so I can't wait to buy the BD :D

TheExecutive4068d ago

actually i had warhawk freeze on me last night... i rebooted and it worked fine. I am sure they will fix that with upcoming patches. From what I understand of it, it has become a more balanced games. Graphics look better... thats about it. Great game. The replayability is through the roof with this one.

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The story is too old to be commented.