Inafune: 'Resident Evil 4 gets a Zero as a Zombie game'

Gamerzines writes: "Capcom producer Keiji Infaune has voiced his opinion of the classic reboot Resident Evil 4 saying he wouldn't call it a 'zombie game'."

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ZombieAssassin3127d ago (Edited 3127d ago )

I wouldn't call RE5 one either, it's ok though they were both good games.

DigitalAnalog3127d ago (Edited 3127d ago )

Biohazard 4 introduced "Los Ganados" NOT zombies!

And also:

"The Resident Evil zombies had never run before yet they were scary, so why would you suddenly change that?"

Stupid Inafune, stupid stupid stupid stupid.

They're not zombies and also, ever heard of the "Crimson Zombies" back on the Biohazard Remake on the Gamecube?

-End statement

xino3127d ago

crimson zombies do not run:/

they just walk faster than normal n00b zombies

JadedWriter3127d ago

Inafune is the LAST person that should be criticizing RE 4.

DigitalAnalog3127d ago

This guy was the ONLY reason Biohazard had the green light.

You can love and hate this guy now.

-End statement

Baka-akaB3127d ago

Dear lord , can't that guy shut up and retire already ?

madara0sama3127d ago

Yea..I've been hearing a lot of bull crap coming from his mouth recently.

bigboss9113127d ago

and it's still one of the best games ever.

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The story is too old to be commented.