Nintendo Sinks Into the Red for First Half

AP - Nintendo sank into the red for the fiscal first half, battered by a rising yen that hurts exports and plunging sales as demand for its game machines ran out of steam.

Kyoto-based Nintendo Co., which makes Pokemon and Super Mario video games, reported Thursday a loss of 2.01 billion yen ($24.7 million) for the April-September period.

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EYEamNUMBER13125d ago

sometimes it can seem really annoying how money (referring to all money) is up 1 second then down the next then up and so on

qface643125d ago

yeah ive always wanted to travel but with the way money just goes up and down i wouldn't get anywhere

1 currency world is only a dream

perfectCarbonara3125d ago

Wrong, the dream is money being taken out of the equation permanently.

It only causes trouble.

qface643125d ago (Edited 3125d ago )

hey at least my dream has a chance of happening (not in my lifetime and then some) but possibly one day its better than a no money world and its 0% chance that's just fantasy

EYEamNUMBER13125d ago

why did you change the story?
this wasn't the story i saw when i commented

SMW3125d ago

Oh im gonna f***ing enjoy this!

CrazyForGames3125d ago

lol wow that sounds really sad

SMW3125d ago

Oh come on! As a gamer I feel Nintendo should be run into the ground. They are single handedly responsible for the pussification of gaming.

CrazyForGames3125d ago (Edited 3125d ago )

and you call yourself a gamer?
did you just start gaming? nintendo did this in the past on the NES and it pretty much saved gaming they have done it in the past why is it a new thing now?

considering all the innovations nintendo has brought to the gaming world
your saying they should be run into the ground just because YOU don't like them?

you don't sound like a gamer you just like a straight up fanboy retard lol

Muletroid3125d ago

i actually agree with crazy that's a really retarded thing to say if i don't like something you know what i do?
I AVOID IT wishing for something to be run into the ground? come on now

dannybohy3125d ago (Edited 3125d ago )

What innovations?. oh the Wii remote! woop de do! ive had a remote control for over 2 decades.
apart from that what have they done?...... thats right, nowt. They just keep producing consoles for children/women and grown ups who cant handle demanding games. I place there consoles one tiny step up from Vtech consoles.

Nihilism3125d ago (Edited 3125d ago )

The only reason 90% of people here on this site got into gaming is because Nintendo makes amazing games like Mario and Zelda.

If MS and Sony had their way they would drive the console industry into the ground fighting over who had the best generic TPS games. Nintendo has kept gaming alive for a long time and they will continue to drag Sony and MS kicking and screaming as they continue to innovate.

I sold my Wii because I hated the games, but you cannot deny that Nintendo takes far more risks than the other in the name of innovation.

"Blow it out your ass"


SC came out in 1998, I was 13y.o then, my gaming cherry was popped long before that.

RememberThe3573125d ago

I guess I'm in that other 10%. StarCraft really got me into gaming, but it was Devil May Cry that sealed the deal.

CrazyForGames3125d ago

you must have started gaming this generation to only mention the wii mote
for that matter i wonder if you even know what innovation actually is

darkequitus3125d ago

Yep, I'm in the other 10%
It was collecovision, C64 for me.

Game-ur3125d ago

Let's not forget Sega Amiga MSX Atari, they all played their part

nycredude3125d ago

Commodore 128 and Atari got me into gaming, Nintendo got me more into it and Sony completed it. Along the way I had flings with Turbo Graphic 16 and Dreamcast.

Nintendo were great back in the days but these day they don't bring anything to the table that interest me. I guess I outgrew it.

Highlife3125d ago

intellivision got me started. Nintendo was great. Then moved on to sega. Made the mistake of getting the 3do. after that it has been all playstation. Nintendo, i guess i grew up and you didn't.

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Calm Down Sunshine3125d ago

Sounds to me like a certain SMW is having a hard time beating Bowser..

seinfan3125d ago

"en jew cawl jurzelf uh gaymur?"

Enough with that shit. Nobody has to like every damn option on the market. There's a reason why there's more than one company making a console.

qface643125d ago

that's true but when you really want an entire game company to go under/bankrupt simply just because you don't like the product then the last thing you should call yourself is a gamer

Cloudberry3125d ago

So I could buy 3DS & it's games.

imvix3125d ago

Nintendo bet the farm on casuals. They milked that market and now are making losses.

I beleive Sony and Microsoft are a bit late to the party. They were making losses on the hardcore front and saw Nintendo reaping profits. But now it seems the casuals have had enough of motion controls. Casuals really dont care about graphics hence that wouldnt be a selling point for Microsoft or Sony.

Will be exciting to see what motion gaming holds for both these companies.

Seferoth753125d ago

What a moron... They are buying parts for the 3DS and guess what happens when they do that? Since they are not selling the 3DS all those parts count as a loss..

I am glad you are a Sony fan. Yeah it was obvious by the fact you are a moron.

Barely enough brain cells to write but not comprehend = Sony fan without a doubt

imvix3125d ago

Lol you should do your accounting, buying parts = building stocks.. stocks doesnt = loss.

As for calling me a Sony fan check my posting history. Dont think i am the blind fanboy who invests in outdated console tech.

DJMarty3125d ago

What complete bollocks,

Casuals have got sick of Wii's lame graphics, they jumping ship to the HD consoles. The HD console even have better motion controls, so its an upgrade aswell. Thats the reason Nintendo sales ae taking a dive.

Muletroid3125d ago

wow you really think casuals actual casuals care about graphics? LOL!!!

jay23125d ago

Ouch, Better join the HD, real console soon.

Nihilism3125d ago

Can I offer you a stick of Play Beyond(TM) gum? it's ass flavoured but you should be used to the taste by now.

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