Treyarch and CoD:Black Ops, a match made in heaven?

mygamertalk- In about 2 weeks, the most anticipated shooter of the year, Call of Duty: Black Ops, will be on store shelves. But just 12 months ago, it’s developer, Treyarch, was the red headed step child of the franchise.

So what exactly happened?

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Mite223131d ago

I can't wait for Black Ops!

mordakai83130d ago

10 days 15 hours 30 mins and counting :)

mikhail_tisoy3131d ago (Edited 3131d ago )

treyarch is the new golden boy and i hate mw2 with a passion

allyc4t3131d ago

They are the new golden boy, I wonder how long it will last?

ilikestuff3130d ago (Edited 3130d ago )

are you going to like em in a month when the glitches are found and you cant stay alive for thirty seconds due to cheating and things of that sort?

t9x69, cod 4 made cod what it is and it was the last good one, i still play it

T9X693130d ago

Treyarch has always been the "golden boy" IMO. Never liked IW to begin with.

FishCake9T43130d ago

Not even COD4?
The ability to customise guns

lazysey3130d ago

Don't worry I'll take it easy on you because you must be handicap and not a complete idiot, But, Infinity Ward first and foremost created the CALL OF DUTY FRANCHISE, created the ENGINE, SET THE BAR and Treyarch is living off of their success. All they have done was modify what Infinity Ward already started and ENDED.

Soldierone3130d ago

So you like the clones, but not the originals? Treyarch never did anything to innovate this franchise, it is what it is purely because of IW. Treyarch is nothing but a placehold to let IW do their thing without pushing out yearly cycles.

mikhail_tisoy3131d ago

not long cod is starting to saturate already

lazysey3130d ago

No shit bub, you have to be a lucky enough developer if people are going to put your game down within a week or two. I'd really like to see these saturated COD hours because people are still play MODERN WARFARE 1 and t hats just plain ridiculous. Your short small remarks aren't cool either, nice try though.

Stuart57563131d ago

Is COD starting to saturate though, I can't wait to see the sales of Black Ops, it's the new Dev team Activision have put together for a new COD game that will fail, and if Infinity Ward (or what's left of em) make a MW3 (likely if Bobby K has anything to do with it) surely that will fail, Treyarch deliver, they're a good dev team, they don't keep churning out the same old shit, the actually explore different areas with every game they make. Also, on a lighter note, Call of Duty gets shortened to Cod, Modern Warfare 2 is MW2, but Black Op's gets called Black Op's, lets all call it BO.

elmaton983130d ago

trust me black ops seem to be like the last succesful cod after what happened with IW and their shitty MW2, most of us dont want to know anything about MW3 cause is gonna be made by IW. Whenever i play the game my team member are always glitching and shit. COD 4 is the best game ever

Soldierone3130d ago

MW2 isn't a problem child of IW because Activision is the ones that screwed them over. They were gonna fix it and support the title, but Activision decided not to pay them.

Since when did Treyarch ever explore anything? WaW was more hated and least rated, also the most forgotten, titles released in the franchise. They do nothing but expand on what IW already threw out there. If IW didnt bring us MW we would still be playing games like COD3....

MGRogue20173130d ago

The CoD Addiction continues..

xYLeinen3130d ago

Yea, I wish this epidemi would stop soon.

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