Preview of Midnight Club: Los Angeles - Xbox 360/PS3

HEXUS.gaming had some time with Rockstar at the Games Convention in Leipzig to see how Midnight Club is shaping up.

This is from the preview:

"For starters, the whole city is open from the off, so none of these invisible barriers or blocked roads that we've seen in other can roll out into the game world, turn your ICE to max and hang your digital arm out the window and go cruising all over right from the start.

So there we were, cruising in our faithfully modelled Lamborghini Gallardo Roadster and we spot another racer. (Opposing racers stand out in that they too are in the hottest cars, unlike the more generic town cars and sedans Americans favour so much). Give him a quick flash of the headlights and, if he accepts the challenge, we're whisked off to the start line."

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Anything but Cute4068d ago

think I'm going green pretty soon. That's right I'm leaving PS3 behind and buying an XBOX 360 instead.

MK_Red4068d ago

And what has that to do with Midnight Club LA preview?

Back to the topic, 2008 is gonna be the craziest year for racing games. MidnightClub LA, Burnout Paradise and Gran Turismo 5! All my fave racing games in one year!

DrRage774068d ago

well, congrats on your decision...any specific reason? i know you were quite a big backer of the ps3 so i am just curious why you are abandoning the ps3 (i ma assuming from your comment you are selling your ps3?)