GameTrailers: Time Crisis: Razing Storm Review

GameTrailers: "Are the quick thrills of the arcade worth the coin it takes to bring it home?"

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Raikiri3130d ago (Edited 3130d ago )


Waiting for the Fanboy Excuses

masterofpwnage3130d ago (Edited 3130d ago )

what excuses.
there is no excuse about this.

this is a arcade rail shooter that been out for awhile, in the arcade.

i highly doubt anyone expected a high score for this.

your just trying to start something.

its funny how the people who complains about the fanboys, is always the first one to start something.

off topic
woo go giants
1-0 world series

BulletToothtony3130d ago

while he was waiting for the fanboy excuses we didn't have to wait much for a fanboy to show up..

first post and bam.. another poor soul who's mommy can't afford a ps3..


All_4_One3130d ago

Well, you`re not going to get any excuses. Nobody was expecting Time Crisis to blow the roof off the gaming industry, sorry.

Godmars2903130d ago

Namco seems to be another company that's been letting me down on HD consoles, but this should have been if not a homerun, an easy single. Worse is that they literally had three shots at $50 a pop and couldn't deliver.

Elvfam5113130d ago

I'm getting this personally 3 games in 1 no problem with me....

Raikiri3130d ago (Edited 3130d ago )

aaah here they come

The excuses are:

''There are no Excuses''
''this is a arcade rail shooter that been out for awhile, in the arcade. ''
''nobody expected it to score high''
''Fable 3 flopped'' (Funny one, 81 out of 100 from metacritic is the new 60!! :D)

Chromer3130d ago

So we don't have to hear your damn fanboy whining any longer.

All_4_One3130d ago

"There are no excuses" is an excuse for a low score? Wow, give me a minute to process that logic.

So, because there were no excuses, when somebody pointed out there were no excuses, their observation became an excuse? Mind = blown.

Lovable3129d ago


Your logic is outstanding. It's mind boggling...

N4Great3129d ago (Edited 3129d ago )

logic for Xms employee ? never !

they are happy for good or bad sales, good or bad exclusives scores : just pathetic loosers :)

it just show us how much they are butthurted by sony's success, best hardware, best software and harware sells last years, best graphics, bluray not doomed, best motion controler, 3D.

concernint time crisis, don't forget it's gametrailer (when you listen carrefully to the review, you know that the guy is biased, he said "no coin/no tension, interest, but it's the same thing for most of the arcade games !, he don't talk about move superior accuracy in other title, even in his sport champion review, what a sad joke "bububu it's minigames, it's expensive, bububu can i have my $$$ micorshaft ? ):)

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darkequitus3130d ago

I was looking forward to this.

mac_sparrow3129d ago

try the demo, its on the store. Personally I didn't think too much to TC4, hoping Razing Storm will be better. However, played the demo with the missus last night and for me I'll get value from playing it myself, inviting the mates over for some co-op, and laughing with the missus when we play it together.

Overall it would have been nice if it was £25, but after playing both demo's my missus turned and asked "will you be getting it" and sounding hopeful. Seems like the casuals and the core gamer is going to be served by Move.

jack_burt0n3129d ago do it for £30,

Its funny how suddenly rail shooters now just cant have a genre because reviewers have decided so.

Its time crisis, it does what it says on the tin expecting it to be a different game is so stupid.

big_silky3130d ago

it is what it is but so far the move titles are the same exact type of games that everybody bashed the wii for i.e. rail shooters and mini-games.

Karooo3130d ago

not satisfied with how fable 3 flopped.

CrazyForGames3130d ago

how did fable 3 flop? it has a metacritic of 81 and sales wise is still a question mark?

mac_sparrow3129d ago

Aye, Fable 3 is hardly what I'd call a flop. How to train your dragon is a flop. The one thing I hope for Fable when it comes to PC is that it actually almost lives up to the original lines we were fed by Molyneux all those years ago.

Where's my realtime tree growing Peter, WHERE?!

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