Killzone 3: Amazing Beta Gameplay

Here's Some amazing Gameplay From The Killzone 3 beta ..

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masterofpwnage3126d ago

that looks so dope.
this game might be mutli of the year, or even game for 2011, but its to early to say.

woo go giants
1-0 world series

blumatt3125d ago

That jetpack footage at the end looked nice! I can't wait to play this damn game.

Tripl3seis3125d ago

wow just wow im really excited for this im in love with that shotgun now killzone3 ftw!!!!

Titanz3125d ago

The game looks amazing.

Close_Second3125d ago

...K2 was visually stunning and this looks even better.

slutface3125d ago

Sony is not playing around in 2011

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The story is too old to be commented.