"The novelty is wearing off with Wii," states Ready at Dawn

GamerZines writes:

Whilst Ready at Dawn have focussed their recent output on bringing the God of War series to PSP, the studio also has a history with Nintendo's dominant Wii platform having ported the critically-acclaimed Capcom title Okami to the console.

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Knushwood Butt3132d ago

There's a little more to it than that, but yeah, Wii is on a downhill slope.

I'm calling it now - Dragon Quest X never shows up on the Wii. Will probably end up on the 3DS (seen as Nintendo have clearly laid out a wad of cash up front to SE).

tunaks13132d ago

If anything I think the wii is getting better,
theres a ridiculous large list of exclusives that are great that came out recently.

SyphonFilter3132d ago

maybe DQ X will go to ps3 since 3rd party is strong for it especially in japan.

Seferoth753131d ago (Edited 3131d ago )

Time Crisis launched with only 12k in sales. Kinda proves you wrong there. Yeah maybe DQ will go to PS3.. What with the poor sales of some games the hate for FF13 because of HD development times and cost and of course the DS version of DQ outselling all previous PS versions...

Yeah if I forget things like logic, reason, and history I could totally see that happening as it is though I am not some blinded fanboy so I would never even suggest something so ludicrous

Qbanj693132d ago

Wow seriously? Almost every1 I know who owns a wii sold theirs or is just collecting dust.

felix883132d ago

lol at the butthurt and dust myth

NoBUDI3132d ago

Huh Ready at Dawn? We've heard all this before. That was 70 million consoles ago.

gamer81793132d ago

Everyone I know who owns a ps3 has either sold theirs or its just collecting dust. Just because the wii sales are slowing down, doesn't mean its dying. They just started off strong, and its just now starting to level off. The wii has still sold a shitload of consoles.

jjank113132d ago

Anyone who has a PS3 that is collecting dust must be a casual gamer, an Xbox fanboy or has a bad case of ADD because the offerings on the PS3 are amazing and are worth the attention.

Just because the Wii sold shit tons of consoles doesn't mean anything at this point.

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The story is too old to be commented.