Rare: We're Not a Kinect Exclusive Developer

Rare's next game is Kinect Sports and the studio is one of the motion-sensing add-on's most vocal supporters, but new boss Scott Henson has denied the famed UK company has become a Kinect-exclusive developer.

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AAACE53126d ago

If they could ever get organized, Rare could be a powerhouse developer again! They have over 200 employees. They could have 2 teams of 50-60 employees. One works specifically on core 360 games. The other team makes Kinect games. And the rest of the people could be making XBLA games or preparing the next project or working on new dashboard updates or some crap!

Killed4Less3126d ago (Edited 3126d ago )

You could of fooled everyone.. Everything from the lack of interesting titles to the new logo that screams Kinect makes me think you've abandoned the once great Rare even further. Now you have a new corporate MS suit running the place.. Usually the first step of the process that ends with the studio closing.

Rare need to prove it and stop talking about it. I blame them for everything from the ugly avatars to the WiiSports clone. Even your most die-hard Rare fanboys have revolted on the forums and even the Rare fan site has closed because they aren't the same.

"But the centrepiece will be continuing to do what first party does best, which is innovate and look at new experiences and opportunities with things like Kinect and push the boundaries of that. "

Right, and a WiiSports knock-off clone is so innovating. Just like an MS suit, they will say anything no matter how little they can back it up and sound like they are in a completely different universe from reality and their customers. And news flash! WiiSports works better(and it's 4 years old).

SmokexFFx3126d ago

You got to try Kinect sports? Is it really that bad?

KratosGirI3126d ago (Edited 3126d ago )

The second I saw a Samsung logo and a T-Mobile branded bowling ball in Kinect Sports, I've decided to give up on Rare for good.

Nothing is gonna convince me otherwise. Not even a new Battletoads, Killer Instinct 3, a new Conker game or a platformer-only Banjo-Kazooie title.

*Flips Rare off and walks away*

RockmanII73126d ago

so can we expect more former great franchises to be destroyed?

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The story is too old to be commented.