Study: Kinect Has the Edge on PlayStation Move

A study from GamePro's "aunt" company, the International Data Corporation, suggests Kinect might come out ahead of PlayStation Move.

The study is actually a combination of two surveys that polled American teens and adults over the internet throughout September 2010. Based on results, the study predicts the install bases (number of people that own or will buy in the next six months) and age range for each motion controller. Here's the breakdown IDC came up with.

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The-Tentacle3128d ago (Edited 3128d ago )

The only edge Kinect has is $500m in marketing.

Shadow Flare3128d ago (Edited 3128d ago )

I'm wondering how much of that $500,000,000 Microsoft are spending advertising to the rest of the world? I can believe kids in America are more stoked for kinect then move because of the massive marketing but I'd like to see some stats for, places other then America. The world, you know. Cos people like opera have absolutely zero presence anywhere else

fear883128d ago (Edited 3128d ago )

1. Its by PCWorld
2. Its not a review
3. $500 billion in marketing

Maybe this is the marketing?

Mystogan3128d ago

I used to live in the Netherlands (10 years)and i know that Oprah has a pretty big presence there(its always live), especially with girls and old people..

MrBubble3128d ago (Edited 3128d ago )


Bell Boy3128d ago (Edited 3128d ago )

Kids in America not particularly the sharpest tools in the box.

Saw one teenager just the other day wearing 1 white and 1 black sock with flip flops...kinda says it all really could"nt even dress

Probably as Kinect pre order though for the revolutionary experience it is about to

DaTruth3128d ago (Edited 3128d ago )

A data collecting company with the initials "IDC"(I Don't Care).

@MrBubble: Lol, I was wondering what he was talking about!

SephireX3128d ago

You mean the obese black woman who is overpaid and overrated?

Corepred43127d ago

yup her. the woman who makes more in a month than your parents and you put together for the next five years probably more.

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number473128d ago (Edited 3128d ago )

Kinects functionality is limited & terrible compared to the Move & the Wii. It has more technology than the space shuttle, yet can only do Ricochet and rail experiences. No one can refute this. Its gaming is all severely limited and archaic compared to the other devices. But will it sell? Yep. 500 million & false advertising is going to guarantee that.

It has half a billion in advertising. Which is insane considering the advertising budgets of the Wii&Move. It will sell very well. Its just not going to really make a difference to the gaming world by essentially paying people to promote it, rather than having people promote it - as the Wii did. Microsoft should just copy Nintendo's strategy. Unfortunately I know they cant, since it would require making good hardware first. But Nintendo didn't need a half billion dollar ad campaign to be #1, neither did Sony. Microsoft is a child with a checkbook who wants to be #1 without actually doing what it takes. PS2/Wii Just needed a good product & word of mouth.Its a little too little too late Imo. The Wii camp is like Apple owners, and their #'s out number 360/PS3 owners. All Nintendo has to do is fart, and it sells its software/hardware without Ellen & Oprah.

Facts are this. People aren't buying kinect due to gameplay, previews, or anything of the sort. Which is what people bought into the Wii for. They are buying into what Microsoft is falsely advertising. I'm sure I'd pick it too over the move if it did what its advertised to do. I'm sure everyone wants the minority report world, but its just not a reality.


Compared to the Wii & The Move its gaming is lightyears behind. Yes, the rare videos show no lag -- yet every single other video online of it at a games show, or a non-ms related site shows otherwise. Bam there it is. Lag's not Kinects big problem, its the fact that the games are basic webcam games that are done better already. There is nothing new to gaming in any of kinects games, yet its being advertised as such. And thats what people are buying into. They rebrand a webcam and tell you its phenomenal. You bite. You'd get an identical experience watching a Workout Tape at home. These are just the facts here.. Videos online are videos online. You can pull that up, I can pull up others. And we can run in circles doing that all day. You can pretend you've used it, I can pretend I've used it. Circles again.

The fact of the matter is that the Kinect experience as a product, isn't a significant innovation in a gaming world where we've seen Webcam game interaction, which is the maximum extent of Kinect experiences that require you to be on rails, fit into a stencil of a pose. Which you can't refute, all you can say is "buh Rares videos.."

Mystogan3128d ago (Edited 3128d ago )

I think this comes pretty close,if not better then the commercials.

As you can see there is almost no lag at all and this is the final build.

Who are you to say that you can only do rail and ricochet experiences? oww i know the answer ''not a developer''.. all developers are saying that Kinect has limitless possibilities and you PS3 Fanboys AKA ''not developers'' are coming here to tell us Kinect is limited?

Edit: Oops there he goes again acting like hes a developer or something,

''isn't a significant innovation in a gaming world where we've seen Webcam game interaction, which is the maximum extent of Kinect experiences that require you to be on rails, fit into a stencil of a pose.''

you know what forget it..


''its one action, the equivalent of pressing one button or moving a stick in one direction''

so you move in one direction?

I think your forgetting the fact that it can track you in 3D space

TheBlackSmoke3128d ago

One example is not enough to cover up the shit load of preview's, convention demos and user testimonials at stores that say otherwise.

Besides when Number47 says that the tech is limited, its not just a referral to how accurate it can track. Even if it tracked what? its one action, the equivalent of pressing one button or moving a stick in one direction. How can it handle and define multiple actions within split seconds of each other? How can you apply this tech to anything other than the most simplistic stripped down casual games?

Killed4Less3128d ago

You think everyone agrees with that fanboy laced diatribe.

haha delusion is you.

Hades13373128d ago

Watch the Gamespot video of their hands-on time with the final build of Kinect and they specifically mention that it is very responsive.

Also, anyone who I've seen play Kinect are (or seem to be) having fun. People can say what they like about Kinect, but isn't that the overall aim of a video game product?

LoydX-mas3128d ago

Having fun does not matter to the Kinect-hating horde here.

number473128d ago (Edited 3128d ago )

There are no Kinect games that aren't done by webcam games.

Limitless possibilities according to the man who was going to produce a real life DOG in Fable. Yes, I'll take his word. Whats his last disappointment scoring again? For not living up to the hype.. yet again..

I say its limited compared to the Wii & The Move. Your reluctance to prove otherwise is just more proof of this glaring fact. Please excuse me your illustrations of ignorance here. If at E3 Natal was = to Webcam games of Joyride/HarryPotter'hit here'/and not the promises of Milo interaction with Steven speilberg, none of us would be here now. People would have discounted it as "oh it cant even do wii games? but it tries?' and moved on. NATAL was to replace the gaming controller for people. Then it turned into 'well only for casual games' then when it couldn't even do that "well only for the same basic tech demo with a different coat of paint." which then turned into "Ok well clear your apartment out, and don't be black."

I agree, stop responding until you refute what I'm actually saying. Natal & Kinect have lag in everyday average joe recording it & in the demos that I've tried. The Lag really doesn't matter since your'e just doing a basic game input where accuracy and speed hardly matters.

Kinect's legacy is in its Launch game lineup. No game Kinect shows isn't done already by a basic webcam. It can have all the technology in the world, but its basic games will always be "hit here" "move here"...


You guys are so simple to own. Nintendo & Sony both passed up on the Natal technology because it wouldn't work for gaming outside of this basic tech that a webcam already does. Its sad at this point..The only thing kinect has going for it is half a billion dollars in advertising and lol "LIMITLESS POSSIBILITIES." but no software to suggest such limits have yet to be reached.


I hate when you guys always fall back to that argument after its clear that Kinect is just a basic webcam. Yes, its fun. As is the Wii, as is the Move. As is ball & cup with a friend. Whose saying you can't have fun with kinect? Not I. And you all know thats not what Kinect's being advertised as. Which is this revolutionary device, which it isn't. By your own admission, if fun is it.. then yes, it could very well be a webcam..

with 500 million behind it.

DaTruth3128d ago (Edited 3128d ago )

How much of the 500 mil advertising is headed to Gamespot? Probably depends on what Gamespot says in their hands-on time video!

I don't really think we can trust anything Gamespot says now... or any other gaming mag for that matter! That is the reason for 500 mil advertising budgets, a good review in every mag!

Move is advertised in the Cinema magazine and they don't do reviews, ie. not buying reviews just advertising products.

edhe3128d ago

@number47 who shat in your cornflakes?

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solar3128d ago

marketing sells. doesnt matter if the product is worth a sh1t or not.

see: every business on the planet. if you want to make money, you have to spend money. even if Move is better than Kinect (which i give 2 dumps about which one is better) you have to sell your product. MS seems to be doing it more than Sony.

ash_divine3128d ago

I wish other companies(Sony in particular) would get that through their heads. It's as if they want their products to be overshadowed.

You know, in the past I've always felt that Sony deserved to come out on top.(Because they made a superior product imo) But I'm not so sure anymore. Sony just aren't willing to work for that top spot. I think coming in last for once would actually do them so good. That or hire a competent marketing team. Which ever one happens first.

DaTruth3128d ago (Edited 3128d ago )

I personally don't care what Sony sells and am glad they "don't get it".

I want games that cost 50 mil to make, not games that cost 20 mil to make and 30 mil to advertise! I'll find the games without the advertising!

They did pretty good with the PS2 and little advertising!

ash_divine3128d ago

I was speaking from a business standpoint. As a consumer I appreciate what Sony has done for their fanbase. I simply want them to be successful.(as I said before, they deserve it.) You do realize that won't be able to continue making these 50 million dollar games if they run their business in to the ground don't you?

Besides, if you truly loved the games Sony has crafted, wouldn't you want them to be successful? Half of the time it's Sony own fault that their products do not sell well. I was simply venting my frustration at their missteps. Lighten up, sheesh.

edhe3128d ago


I think you're missing the point of the business. 50m games are great but how many of them will make their money back? "casual" games make money - and money enough to allow for more esoteric games.

Think about this:
1) kinect sells an absolute fuckload. (20m for argument's sake)
2) "casuals" by a couple of games a year, more at christmas. Lets say 4.
lets say those 4 games are $30 each due to discounts or w/e
3) that's $600m inserted into the industry. Publisher's take their cut.
4) publishers now have enough money to go to their "core" developers and OK a fresh new IP.
5) fresh new IP is made and delights "core" gamers because the "casual" game made so much profit.

It's all swings and roundabouts.

As core gamers we don't *need* this stuff to work but it'd help. Sony wouldn't be half as successful without singstar. Ubisoft make a lot of money off casual games so they can take time with their main games; Raving Rabbids sales = more assassin's creed development time.

etc etc.

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40cal3128d ago (Edited 3128d ago )

"Based on results, the study predicts the install bases (number of people that own or will buy in the next six months)"

2.9--4.1 million Kinect

2.5--3.6 million Move controllers,

So in the "next 6 months" Kinect is only projected to sell about a half million units more than Move? With a half billion dollar marketing budget? I don't know, you do the math.

40cal3128d ago

You know the article states that number of people that OWN or will BUY.

There are already about 3 million Move units out there, so Move is only going to sell another 600,000 units during the holidays? I doubt that.

edhe3128d ago

1 kinect per console vs how many move per console?

niceguywii603128d ago

Nah that's the smallest edge

N311V3128d ago

Statistically speaking this data says the number of kinect and move controllers sold will be pretty much even.

* 2.9--4.1 million Kinect motion sensors, 25- to 44-year-olds (mostly male)

* 2.5--3.6 million Move controllers, 25- to 44-year-olds (mostly male)

I'm surprised the difference isn't much larger given the apparent dominance of xbox over ps3 in America and the $500M advertising campaign .


Where are the good games on Kinect?

NecrumSlavery3128d ago

they'll be here before Gears 3

NewsForMe3128d ago (Edited 3128d ago )

You're in denial if you think that isn't a massive advantage. Justin Bieber and Oprah fans will be all over Kinect. People are going to be picking up Kinect without even knowing what they're getting.

DigitalAnalog3128d ago

2.9--4.1 million Kinect motion sensors, -->> 25- to 44-year-olds (mostly male) <--


-End statement

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Serjikal_Strike3128d ago

living rooms look like that pic...
1 couch and the Tv about 10 feet away....

not many I think!!

MultiConsoleGamer3128d ago

I have to agree with this. I basically can't buy Kinect because of the layout of my home.

Bigpappy3128d ago

I know. I think that is what the fight recommended for the move right? With Kinect its only six feet for optimal performance. I don't think the Move should need so much room unless you strap two more moves to your legs. Even then, Move games don't track legs. So why ten feet?

40cal3128d ago

Move works great 4-8 feet from the camera.

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MultiConsoleGamer3128d ago

Kinect Advantages:

1. It doesn't look exactly like the Wii. (talking about you, Move)
2. 500 Million Advertising Budget
3. MS is basically going to shove it down people's throats
4. It actually compliments the Wii fairly well, further contributing to the whole "Wii60" idea.

RayRay363128d ago

What doesnt M$ shove down peoples throats? Yet they only thing they actually do well on is Windows, & thats because they're a huge monopoly. The only reason they have hardware is to get people firmilar with Windows.

DJMarty3128d ago

1. Since when has Wii used a camera to track 3D space.(BTW Kinect is basically an EyeToy)

2. May help it sell, but if it don't work. Kinect will be returned just as fast.

3. As above

4. Bollocks, Kinect is worst than Wii by a mile(Lack of BUTTONS limits it's use)