What You Missed In The Resistance 3 Trailer

Insomniac Games went through the debut teaser frame by frame to highlight all of the hidden content. Watch this fact-filled video right here.

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MultiConsoleGamer3130d ago

Jeez, I can't believe I missed all that stuff!

acedoh3130d ago

Playstation store and watch it on a large screen. You will not miss a thing.

nickjkl3130d ago

still looks like crap

will wait for an actual trailer

BiggCMan3130d ago

same here. ill even admit that i didnt realize it was resistance 3 until i heard the siren XD

outwar60103130d ago

i didnt miss any of that stuff

SnuggleBandit3130d ago

you caught those grims? and that chimeran node?

Uh ya right...

TroyAndAbed3130d ago

Anyone that watched it more than once DID catch those things.

Don't be a tool.

It's available for download on the PS Store. At 1080p, it's impossible to miss those things.

outwar60103130d ago

ive seen the trailer atleast 8 times on my new suroundsound fll hd setup(sorry just like dropping that in wherever i can) 4 dislikes wtf

trancefreak3130d ago

I remember people saying that they thought this was in St Lois but doubted it because the St. Louis arc wasnt built until February 12, 1963.

Anyways cool vid analyst

hobo513130d ago

DIS GAME IS GONNA BE AMAZING, the atmosphere alone makes it a play. im hopping they got a bit of "the road" movie feeling, like they no its the end but ders nothing to their lives wit out hope!

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The story is too old to be commented.