Top 3 Things Sonic Fan Remix Should Have []

Sonic Fan Remix has gotten the attention of Sonic fans everywhere, and admittedly, the game looks pretty impressive. However, what does this title need to stand out as more than just a remake with enhanced graphics?

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Yi-Long3132d ago

... and some animations, like the 'why are you letting me standing here?' and the looking up and down, I didn't really think there was much missing.

Yeah, perhaps the special stages, or the score-jump at the end where you jump in the air and get some extra points hopefully.

Original levels would be nice, but absolutely isn't a must-have for me. I was amazed by the Sonic Remix, and while not 'finished', I absolutely don't mind it if it's 'just' a straight remake of existing levels. In fact, I like that.

Anyway, I have complete trust that the guys behind the remix know very well what they're doing and how to treat Sonic and the Sonic fans.

Unlike Sega, who have no clue.