New Generation Guilty of Premature Birth to Games

PSUni writes "As we alluded to in a recent feature, gamers are connected like never before, allowing for the ability to download DLC as they see fit. This also means that games can be patched by a game's developers the same way. To be fair, this is something that PC gamers have been doing for years, but now that just about everyone has their machines hooked up via a broadband connection the use of post-release patches has increased dramatically."

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Dramscus3130d ago (Edited 3130d ago )

All generations are guilty of this.
Just to name two superman 64 and ET on atari 2600.

Many dev's are lazy. Be wary on game purchases.

nix3130d ago

it's a sad condition.

DaReapa3130d ago

@ Dramscus

That may be true, but I've seen it moreso this generation that any other gen before it.

Quagmire3130d ago

Im guilty of premature ejaculation upon playing Bayonetta!

tasteless joke, i know...