Spoiled by gaming customization?

Gaming is becoming more immersive by the minute. While this is a great thing in many ways, it's become evident that the expectation for gameplay and character interaction has risen dramatically in games that offer little to no customization in the first place.

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Ninferno3130d ago

i find myself with unfair expectations with lots of games. not just customizations.

MelonieMac3130d ago

haha, this is a good point. :p

IuseC43130d ago

Great article!

I can relate to this. Im always disappointed when a game comes out that begs for customization, yet doesnt offer it. Oblivion was the first game that really got me going on char customization, even though Oblivion character models look like butt.

zelldincht4763130d ago

There are also two sides to this story. I find it highly annoying when you have to spend 20 mins going through all the different features of your toon when all you want to do is play the game! Some customization is fun but it really gets ridiculous, I could really careless what kind of ear rings my character has. Like you said it also takes away from the main characters of games we know and love. But idk maybe I’m just not the creative type :-P

zshadowofadoubtz3130d ago

I feel if anything, gaming customization is beginning to get too detailed and too difficult. I liked in the old days where the character creation was simple and you could easily create a version of someone you knew, or someone like yourself. Now they allow you to adjust everything from the height of the cheekbones, to the width of the nose and it gets a little too deep. I almost never spend the amount of time needed anymore because it's too time consuming and difficult.

That's my view.

MelonieMac3130d ago

Hmm, sounds like some of you don't like too much customization. I personally love to customize as much as possible. :p

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