SG: Fallout New Vegas Dual Review

StrengthGamer: The setup for Fallout: New Vegas is similar to Fallout 3. You are in a desolate post-apocalyptic world and there are a lot of people either trying to get you to help them or trying to screw you over. One thing is for certain however, in that in this dismal future, no one trusts you and you must trust no one.

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BlueTroll3130d ago

glad they didn't give it a free ride despite it's glitches and bugs. still, way harsh score.

soundslike3130d ago

"Everyone loves this game so I have to try hard 2 b different and hate it. I am a giant cliche"

Scotty0563130d ago

This is probably the worst review I've read.
Really, all the stuff listed is good. The quest isnt boring, Mojave isn't big and empty, and yeah, it has its bugs. For a game that size what can you expect?

Honestly I like this game more than Fallout 3, which I spent 100+ Hours on

AvidGamerrrr3130d ago

do you not understand that a review is an opinion? all the "stuff" that is listed as "good" in your opinion isn't necessarily everyone else's opinion. Hence the two different scores on the site.

I agree that the review seemed a bit harsh, however when you look at the scores on graphics, originality, and story- I honestly can't disagree.

The size of the game? It isn't that big. It's certainly not the largest game I've ever played, and games bigger than this aren't all buggy.

A review is an opinion, plain and simple.

Scotty0563127d ago

I believe the story not being good is your opinion as well. It seems the majority of the reviewers love the story. And how is it not a big game?

Trizard3130d ago

This is complete bullshit. Half these reports of glitches are just hearsay because someone originally cried GLITCH!! MW2 was ridden with glitches but still got a ton of 10/10. Besides, throughout my +30 hr play-through, I have only seen one glitch where a bark scorpion was clipping through the ground. Honestly, these glitches aren't even gamebreaking cause you just go up to the little bugger and blow his brains out. Even including these so-called glitches, this game is atleast worth an 8.5.

Rowland3130d ago

whether praising or criticizing, reviews should be objective, well written, structured and factual and this is non of these things. It's just a forum post rant by some random nobody who clearly has an issue with RPG's for some reason. Move on. Quickly.