Amazon Matches BestBuy Buy 2, Get 1 Free Promo

"This weekend, the BestBuy Sunday Ad debuted the week long 'Buy 2, Get 1 Free' promotion on select new video game releases. The sale was available both online with free shipping, and in North American Best Buy stores.

Today, Amazon has matched the deal with a similar online promotion:"

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awiseman3133d ago

How long it it bfore we get buy on get one free...probably never lol

Spydiggity3133d ago

not a single worthwhile game on that list. maybe if it were 3 for 1 i'd consider it.

Microsoft_Spokesman3133d ago

I don't know my friend:

Fable III
Medal of Honor
Star Wars

These are pretty good.

acedoh3133d ago

has the best deal. At least the biggest selection. Hundreds of titles compared to just a few. Also Microsoft spokesperson all three games you mentioned haven't scored very good. They will probably all be on sale for $20 to $30 off this holiday season.

Spydiggity3133d ago (Edited 3133d ago )

i knew somebody would call me out for my statement and mention those exact 3 titles.

Fable 3 = Fable 2.1

Medal of Honor = COD clone = clone to a game i couldn't care less about

Star Wars = The sequel nobody asked for to a game nobody liked.

i'll pass.

Bolts3133d ago

Like he said, not a single worthwhile game on that list.

Seraphim3133d ago

I wouldn't go as far to say not a single worthwhile game on that list...

though considering they're all top dollar and there isn't much selection it's not a deal worth taking advantage to me. If there were two games worth buying, or rather, that I wanted to buy it woulda been nice to get NHL 11 for free. But I don't see any games I'm particularly interested in buying. Anyone still looking to buy these games it's a great deal but for the most part, well just like this Holiday seasons lineup there's not enough in this sale that make it worth owning.

Red_Phoenix3133d ago

Dam, these deals are insane this weekend. First Target, then Best Buy, and now Amazon. Pretty good weekend to buy games.

guitarded773133d ago

I'll wait for Black Friday.

MAG_SVER3133d ago (Edited 3133d ago )

WoW Medal of Honor is on sale.

List Price: $59.99
Price: $58.54
You Save: $1.45 (2%)

LoL... wtf, they took ONE DOLLAR & FORTY FIVE CENTS OFF, I'm sold ....LOL

Man that was just too damn funny.

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