Xbox 360 Kinect Edition Appears on Store Shelves Early

Okay, so Kinect is the next big thing from the Xbox team over at Microsoft, and the launch is scheduled for November 4th here in the USA. You'd think that'd mean that you'd be unable to get your hands on one until then, but thanks to some slip-ups at select retail locations, you may very well be able to get ahold of Kinect starting today.

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THE MAX SPEED 213126d ago

So? nobody was talking about sales. They just stated it had hit the shelves early.

Blaze9293126d ago

and with that, what's the point of this article and submission? Who cares? It's on the shelves - wooooow, must make news article about that!

Moonboots3126d ago

Because they broke street date Blaze and it's even a bigger deal that it's hardware. That makes it news to me at least.

DuneBuggy3126d ago (Edited 3126d ago )

Maybe they broke a street date. Maybe some night stockperson wasnt paying attention and restocked 360's from the wrong pile in the back? If this happened at a Walmart,target,etc, i'd be more inclined to think its the latter.

alex33693126d ago

moonboots you realize they have NOT broken street date right? breaking street date requires them to be sold idiot. lol cod bo is gonna be stocked in stores pretty soon also so omg just like every game they stock early, they dont just magically appear in the store the day of release.

Zeevious3126d ago (Edited 3126d ago )

TRY IT, and see if you like it.

If you don't have a 360...then what is your point in criticizing something you haven't used and can't?

I have Move, it works great...I'm looking forward to trying Kinect, it might be fun, but "On shelves and selling is two diff things"

Really? If that's your best...What a worthless troll you are -- You're barely serving your purpose as a source of entertainment, amusement and pity. If you're going to troll at least try to meet the minimum N4G standards we have here:

No mention of total console sales?
Nothing said about how Move is just a Wii copy?
Didn't mention the PSEye's camera's field of vision...ignoring the same for Kinect?
Not one word overcompensating for your tiny personal shortcomings?
No valid Cult of the Console membership license?

What kind of N4G troll are you?

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Fox013126d ago

Lol at massive disagrees. The playstation army is prety pissed right now.

Don't be mad it's only Kinect ;)

KratosGod33126d ago

The army is the one who's going to buy kinect. And that army has a name... "Xbox fanboys".
M$ said that they are planning to sell like 5 million at the end of the year. Now you call that a real army of M$ fanboys, because that thing is not the big next thing in video game history and you all know that.

lowcarb3126d ago

Well according to you and your spiteful friends it's the next big thing because you keep talking about it. This is a game changer for MS and the reason Sony will push everything back and out of the way from kinect madness.Once again haters=free advertising. MS should give PS3 fanboys a free 360 for being suckers.

DaBadGuy3126d ago

MS is hitting the talk show circuit to sell Kinect to mainstream while $ony is relying on word of mouth to move Moves.

I'm not buying a Kinect and I couldn't imagine it selling 5 million by the end of the year, I mean it's possible they could do 3, but idk I'm not Pachter.

You wanna talk about armies, talk about the Oprah Army. Her word is gospel and they'll buy Kinect to please the Almighty Oprah.

She has enough money to put North Korea on the Moon, but she has been merciful and instead gave her audience Kinect bundles. Can't wait to see the Peggy Bundys of the world flailing around with Kinect Adventures.

Accident vids on day 1 I guarantee.

zimain3126d ago

Actually, here in the UK, I've seen probaly 4 times as many ps3+move adverts than kinect, only place i've seen kinect in outside my local Game store and that is a hand written poster jobby that attracts no attention.

The other day while watching the footy, at half time a ps3 advert came on and the footy team "was celebrating" with the crowd and in the middle was a soccer mom giving it the beans, I dropped my cup and fell off the chair.

It was Spurs Vs Inter (4-3) was utterly gobbed smacked I was, so no Sony is actually advertising quite a bit its just move has got feck all going for it

AAACE53126d ago

Now I gotta put you in check...

You fanboys go on and on saying how Kinect is for little kids and moms, yet now you turn around and say only current owners will buy it!

Make up your mind!

It's true that some current 360 owners will buy it, but those kids and moms you always joked about will be "JUMPING IN" as well! So realistically, they could make that 5 million target or even exceed that number just based off of the exposure it has gotten already! Worst part is... I haven't seen a Kinect commercial yet, so no telling how popular it could become!

Let's be honest, I know you are pissed off that you believe in Playstation so much and it never lives up to your expectations(except for graphically). Over to 30 million Ps3's have been sold worldwide and only about 2 million Move units have been sold. Sony has commercials on left and right for Move, yet we haven't heard much about outstanding sales.

You fanboys keep looking for some kind of miracle wake up call, where everyone abandons the Wii and 360 to get a Ps3 and the Ps3 becomes the most popular again. But this is the 4th year and 360 still has a lead and Wii has double the lead. It's just not gonna happen man! Even in 2 years when the new consoles come out, it will still be left behind because everyone will buy the new stuff and Ps3 will look outdated then.

Us 360 owners have had fun humoring you over the years, you gave us some good arguments. But now it's time to face reality! 4 years and still in 3rd place! Most of the franchises that helped it become number 1 the past 2 gens are either dead or multiplat! It's over... just enjoy your games!

BTW, I own Ps3 and 360! I've accepted this and I hope you can too. Don't live in denial... it makes you look desperate!

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Gambit073126d ago


AwakenTheTaco3126d ago

no gaming isnt going to die. just now people will run around proclaiming to be "gamers" because they have a kinect they touch every three weeks. all me.

DuneBuggy3126d ago

I have alot of friends and relatives with a Wii in their house. Im sure you do too. They crank it up (probably not everyday), play it usually in a group or take turns, and everyone seems to be having fun. I dont see how people like this are some kind of threat to your gamer tag.
Calm down,they are all just machines designed to entertain.

AwakenTheTaco3126d ago

im not angry just upset that this is where gaming has gone. nowadays its not even about games entirely. i just dont like people prancing around saying they are gamers when all they play is wii sports and now kinetc sports and claim to be on the same level as a person who actually spends time as a hardcore gamer.

DuneBuggy3126d ago (Edited 3126d ago )

Dude,ive never met ANYONE who claims to be a "gamer" because they "rule" at Wii sports. I think your reaching a bit here.
Not sure how old you are, but ive been a gamer since i got my hands on a 2600 around 81'. Ive seen alot of gaming innovations and trends come and go. Still dont understand the facination with Pokemon games so many have....
Anyway, If Kinect is this decades "Power glove" or the next Wii in terms of popularity and acceptance, then it is what it is.
Controllers aint going anywhere for a long time OK? :)
If it helps, people who are not "hardcore gamers" probably dont care if you are one. Please dont take that as a insult, as one hardcore gamer to another! LOL..We used to be refered to as computer geeks.

AwakenTheTaco3126d ago

haha pokemon. i loved it as the expansive rpg on the go. but i agree. my controller will never be replaced. guess we do live in different worlds. sadly i know people who only play the generic wii (not zelda or mario) stuff and proclaim they are hardcore...its sad but glad to meet another geek :D

DuneBuggy3126d ago (Edited 3126d ago )

A true gamer should politely smile at a self proclaimed hardcore Wii Sports gamer, then find a room out of earshot of that person and laugh your arse off.
Its like bragging to a race car driver how fast they drove to work this morning.
Heres a bubble.

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