After Windows, After Xbox, Kinect Is Microsoft's Next Planned World-Changer

Microsoft says its next generation video game console is backed by a half-billion dollar ad campaign and packs in technology ripped from the fantasy world of Minority Report. It's also already sitting in more than 40 million living rooms.

It's not a new version of Microsoft's Xbox, but the five-year-old Xbox 360 paired with an all-new camera the Redmond giant has dubbed Kinect.

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ohdavey3133d ago

Well let's hope they break that streak *cross fingers* lol

HuGi3132d ago

Are flawless just because Vista sucked means nothing... Xbox 1 had no problems at all it began on 360 and are solved didnt u see E3 MS Conference ?? Xbox 360 Slim !?

And WTF are that Kinect probs coming ? Did u see GameSpot 1 hours hands on ?? there´s barely 0 lag and the games play great plus skitties is so cute <3

Serious dude get a life and no one cares about ur gamertag i can post my Gt and PS here to and for what ?? To say i can bash Ps or Xbox just because i have one to make me feel better ?? Thats just stupid and lifeless...

if u want to complain do it but at least with some intelligence , Windows was a changer look at the market , Xbox NOT but Xbox Live was ... Kinect we dont know but looks cool for kids and families and i think thats MS goal...

HeavenlySnipes3132d ago

The Slim has a red do of death so its not exacty perfect either. Also I can't bash you for your opinion but I personally won't be spending time petting a fake animal anytime soon. Anyone ever think about that? You are putting in a cd to pretendto pet and play with a fake animal. $150 plus the extra 60 could go towards a cat or dog. Anyway, the games do have lag (see video) and I pesonally find no Kinect game any fun WHATSOEVER. Thats just me though.

Mystogan3132d ago (Edited 3132d ago )

The red dot of ''death'' is more of a safety measure for when it overheats...unlike the Redring of death which means DOOOM.

You have no soul if you don't find ANY Kinect game Fun or find Skittles NOT cute.

about that video thats probably not the final version or that Harry-game wasn't build from the ground up for Kinect.
I think both.

Ducky3132d ago

Neither windows 7 nor XP were "flawless". One needs only to look at the ridiculous number of patches released for both systems. They worked well, I'll give you that, but "flawless" is stretching it.

I use Windows mainly because that's what most games run on. Otherwise I'd be using something else.

MGRogue20173132d ago (Edited 3132d ago )

lol.. that rubbish isn't going to be changing anything, Microsoft.

You've wasted alot of money that could have been put to better use like maybe for a Xbox handheld or something..

_DragonSlayer_3132d ago

Just Launch the stupid thing and let us decide if its a "World Changer". If it lags then it will suck, if it doesn't lag it will still suck cuz MS will throw all their money to Casual Crap.......

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