THQ: We Don't Need New Consoles


In an industry that traditionally relies on new hardware to reinvigorate sales, major games publishers no longer appear in a rush to move on to new, more expensive consoles.

In an interview with IGN, THQ President and CEO Brian Farrell said the additions of PlayStation Move and Xbox 360 Kinect this holiday will expand the games audience and give the industry a much-needed console life extension.

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xYLeinen3128d ago

Well, we core gamers like to have the developers we cherish to continue breaking boundaries and technical walls and when they do we want them to get new hardware and start all over again and amaze us once again. PS4 will probably be on the market within 3 years and I'm no going to hesitate to buy one.

I couldn't care less if Move or Kinect extends the life cycle because when developers are taken fully advantage of the PS3 let them have new hardware.

scar203128d ago

@xYLeinen don't you know ps3 the worlds ending in 2012 xDDD.

Army_of_Darkness3128d ago

When the PS3 starts to get maxed out not just by first party studios, but also by third party, then we can consider a PS4 arrival:)
And from what I see right now, I'd agree with Cgoodno and say that we'd all be good with the PS3 for at least another 5 years.

Christopher3128d ago

I, personally, don't need a new console for a good 5 years. I'm extremely happy with the AAA material being created now. Developers can continue to develop high quality works of entertainment with new concepts perfectly fine with what we have. New consoles won't really do much now, but perhaps in 5 years when hardware and storage advancements are much further along.

Spydiggity3128d ago

you're outta your mind. you don't find it pathetic that the best looking game came out 3 years ago and nothing has touched it since?

i see why THQ is saying this though. This is a company that has NEVER been known for pushing the tech. They lag behind everyone else, so OF COURSE they would feel this way. if the generation leaps slow down, they get more time to get caught up.

maybe you're all satisfied with our favorite industry becoming stagnant, but i sure as hell am not.

Christopher3128d ago (Edited 3128d ago )

I don't play games expecting all of them to be better looking than the last. The best looking games this gen make me more than happy. Hell, the average looking games make me happy (Darksiders and RDR on the PS3 being two of them).

As long as the gameplay is great, I don't need better graphics. And better graphics aren't going to improve gameplay when the devs are finding thousands upon thousands of way to improve games this generation and finding more every day.

***maybe you're all satisfied with our favorite industry becoming stagnant, but i sure as hell am not. ***

The consumers make it stagnant by buying those games that play it safe. It's not the fault of the industry, it's the fault of the consumer.

Daver3128d ago


New technology doesnt mean only new graphics, it means much more on a more technical side and AI is one of them.

Christopher3128d ago (Edited 3128d ago )

Heh. We're not fully utilizing AI now... In fact, right now, it's not about AI, but about the physics of controlling many AI at once (which is mostly graphics and processing load).

You're not going to see better AI because people can't handle better AI. AI as it is now is backed down in order to make it fun and possible to accomplish by the general populace. The next generation isn't going to change that.

As I said, our current level of technology is more than capable of doing what is needed to provide us our entertainment.

Daver3128d ago (Edited 3128d ago )


when you have more resources it is always easier to try to find a way to improve something. when you are restricted well you have to cut on some things

Edit: It's not only about providing us entertainment its about pushing the boundaries to make us 'whoa' and easier to 'navigate'. That is technology.

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Daver3128d ago

Maybe not right now because there is still a lot of great games coming out but I'm all for a new console in few years, I like to encourage progress with technology, it always pays from a consumer stand point.

TOO PAWNED3128d ago ShowReplies(2)
Raendom3128d ago

They are right, graphics are still pushing boundaries, developers are still working with this hardware (I mean... Rockstar still have 3(!) games coming) and in terms of the games themselves we still have tons of unexplored ground (IPs such as Heavy Rain and Mirror's Edge that are so unique).

Good on THQ. Very good company. Especially the sector that controls the PC-side of things (They have an EPIC Steam sale nearly every 4 or 5 months).

frankymv3128d ago

There are plenty of core gamers like myself that are anxiously awaiting the next wave consoles. I have absolutely no interest in the casual peripherals that are hitting the market now. Believe me, new consoles are coming very soon.

lzim3128d ago

and they sadly aren't. as much as they are very much overdue, there's too much potential (milk) left in the current systems.

gcolley3128d ago

we only need new consoles for the developers who don't have an original game. just hide it behind pretty graphics just like the movie industry.

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