First Music video made using DJ Hero

So, Tiesto; Some of you may have heard of him, is using DJ hero 2 footage... For his music video, This is what he said

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dkblackhawk505011d ago

Damn...to be honest I can't think of any other videos that incorporate a video game.

Xulap5010d ago

I guess you missed this one.


Awesome video.

dkblackhawk505010d ago

Meh...I really don't like that type of music to be honest.

iNFAMOUZ15010d ago

transexual music? have you even heard of tiesto? he's so popular, his music so good, it's like a rush of emotion and beat all synced in one. He's been everywhere.
I can't think of anyone that I know that hasn't heard of tiesto or listened to him. He's awesome so is his music, really far out stuff.

Js2Kings5010d ago


Thing is if you don't get the link there is no way to watch it.

operative0015010d ago

until they don't add this song in the game, it's worthless


Top 10 Games of Last Generation Countdown - Number 8

The games of the last generation were amazing and the COGconnected team decided to get together to countdown their favorites. Here we go with number 8...

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Retroman2715d ago (Edited 2715d ago )

"Top 10 Last Generation games ?" How about games from 1988 -2002 Waaaaaaay better than Crapfest out now.

Snes,Ps1,ps2 said Hello.

Digital_Anomaly2715d ago

Well, that would be a different article then wouldn't it? Just because there's a focus on last gen doesn't mean we've forgotten about games older than that it's just not what this series of articles is about.


DJ Hero is FreeStyleGames' more solid music series

While FreestyleGames is working on the new Guitar Hero, it isn't the music series we need. Instead, Tony Nguyen at G4@Syfygames believes that it should've been DJ Hero that rose from the grave.

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Cancelled DJ Hero: After Party Revealed

Unseen64 has delved into DJ Hero: After Party, a game intended to be released on Wii, Xbox 360 and PS3 before it was cancelled by Activision.

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