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"Left4Dead, Dead Rising 2, Red Dead Redemption and Call of Duty: Black Ops are just a few of the games gamers love (and will soon love) that either have their core gameplay revolving around zombies or have implemented the undead recently. The gaming market is slowly being overrun by this fad and developers seem to want to cash in on the trend while it lasts (take a look at the upcoming Yakuza game)." - JPS

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frankymv3129d ago

This game has to be coming soon since srticles are popping up.

MightyMark4273129d ago

I think this year is more of a Zombies year.... Too many zombies game

DanSolo3129d ago

More Zombie games is all good!

By the way, I just downloaded and watched the first episode of the new zombie apocolypse tv show that is starting this month "The Walking Dead" and it is actually genuinely really good, I didn't know what to expect from it but it beats most zombie movies quite easily, so anyone who likes a bit of zombie action, check it out when it gets aired!

MightyMark4273129d ago

too much zombies can be boring though...

DanSolo3128d ago

Not really as you have a choice of not to buy or play zombie games.

That is like saying too much sport is boring so there shouldn't be as many sports games.

I never can understand why people choose to complain about there being too many zombie games when there are soo many other genres that are alot more saturated. If I don't like something, or if I grow bored of it, I just will play something else instead.... more is better.... as then you get to choose the best of the bunch and leave the rest!

Bathyj3129d ago

We may be being overrun by Zombies lately but Dead Nation looks like it will carve its own niche.

I love the classic Smash Tv gameplay and you cant beat it with 2 player co-op.
The graphics, with the lighting in particular look outstanding and I dig the scar music I've heard on one of the trailers. It gives the game its own vibe.

All I hope is that its not overly short and maybe gets some DLC down the road which will given the nature of the game, be able to be played in both single and multiplayer.