The BitBag Review: Halo REACH

The BitBag: "The fact that Bungie is a consistent and pivotal game developing team is argued only by the ignorant. Hilariously, masses of these same ignorant people now give Bungie the respect they have long deserved because they aren’t under Microsoft exclusively. Still, Bungie is Bungie and they have showed this with their latest game entry of the Halo series, Halo: Reach. Honestly, if you want to know all that is new with this game you have to try it out. No review could possibly list all the features and additions to this game and give an explanation without being the size of a phone book. Heck, I am sure I will struggle to keep this review from being too verbose. Still, I will give a synopsis of what Halo: Reach does right and wrong while sharing some new additions. I will leave the rest to you."

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