8.0 Fable III Review

It's hard not to see flaws in this Fable III, which is less convincing in many areas than the previous one. Its inconsistent production values (sometimes beautifully executed, sometimes lacking a lot of polish), the over-simplification of some things that are sometimes not that efficient, the less than inspired bestiary: potential reproaches are numerous. But despite all those, Fable III, like it predecessors, remains so charming and mesmerizing that it works. The coop mode is a bliss (at last), and even though the "being King gameplay" is clearly underwhelming, one cannot be bored by this new Albion. Yes, Fable III could have been better polished and more ambitious, but it's still a game unlike any other.

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masterofpwnage3133d ago

im loving this dude.
i doubted it at first, because fabl2 disappointed me, but this is turning out to be way better then 2.

woo go giants
1-0 world series