PS3 Guitar Hero fans S.O.L til GH3 tests 3 different models of PS2 to PS3 controller adapters in hopes of getting Guitar Hero to successfully play. Unfortunately, the results were not in their favor.

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americanGTA4132d ago

what is worse, the new ps3 guitar is NOT compatable with the ps2 games!!!!!! i'm callin em up and complaining (408) 481-9500.

Syko4132d ago

LOL, Wait till you start getting bent over for DLC. Trust me Red Octane and Activision only care about your money. That's why it is Rock Band all the way.

Latham994132d ago

What's your source for the GHIII Guitar not playing GHI and GHII?

Cat4132d ago

and harmonix was the real talent in the equation.